Sunday, August 3, 2008


Ahhhh....the lazy days of summer! (Okay, who am I fooling into thinking that our days are even remotely lazy....they're not!) One thing is for sure, that a good summer vacation is officially complete when a trip to Lagoon happens.

Yesterday was Tracey's work Lagoon day. I really wanted to take some photos because Maddison and Sarah are so excited about scrapbooking, yet I didn't want to haul my big camera around so with some pretty persistent (and I am sure slightly annoying) hinting, I am now the owner of a little Nikon L18. I didn't really have any major requirements in a new camera other than video capabilities because Maddison, Sarah and her friend are into making videos right now, and I wanted to give them something they could use and me not really worry about whether or not they are going to ruin something expensive of Traceys.

Oh wordy...I digress....


So we ended up taking the entire family yesterday and boy was it HOT! I'm not talking a wee bit hot, I'm talking around 100 degrees hot, and boy did it show in the photos I took! The poor kids looked like they were going to positively melt away.

However, there is something magical about being a kid and when there is fun to be had all of those external annoyances just disappear. What a joy it was to be with the kids, watching them enjoy the day every bit as much as I remember enjoying Lagoon when I was a kid. It was pretty nostalgic to watch Aaron and Tessa ride the exact same rides that Tracey and I rode as kiddos over and over and over again. I loved watching the big girls on the Tilt-A-Whirl, which was my all time favorite ride as a kid. Oh how I loved going on that ride with my dad, cause he totally knew how to get us spinning so fast that it took my breath away from giggling so hard!

It was fun spending a little time with my brother and his family as well as Tracey's Uncle Brian and his new "little friend" and their kids.

All in all it was a simply fabulous day.....until we got home and the 308 some odd ounces of Diet Coke that we consumed as a family had Aaron adgitated and fidgety even though he was exhausted beyond belief.

So....mental note....if we decide to bounce back, no Diet Coke for the little dude! For wasn't something 2 sleeping pills couldn't take care of!

So here I leave you with one of my favorite videos that we took yesterday. Me and Tess on the Ladybug Bop.

Oh and what the's a silly one that Maddison and Sarah did. I guess Sarah just needed her afternoon nap!


rose said...

great photo`s, wow it looks so HOT!! just had to watch the video of Tess and you on the Lady!! oh geez this cutie made my Day,what a awesome laugh she has ,she put a smile on my face! your so blessed

Suzanne said...

it does look blazing hot girl! Nice videos...your children are just adorable! I steer away from the heat as much as will not find me outside much at all during the summertime. so were ya standing on that track Kristy??? Just begging another car to come up from behind! LOL! Hugs girl!

Anonymous said...

How fun. I'll admit I'm kinda jealous. Why or why didn't you go to the water park part? Or maybe you did.

I didn't know uncle Brian had a new "little friend" how exciting!

CKMommy said...

We should pick the same day for our lagoon trips next year! It would be so fun to meet you and your fam there! :)

p.s. we went in June and it wasn't quite as hot, but it was still plenty warm.

Hugs Sistah, I've been missing you!