Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh how I love me some bargain shopping!

If there's one thing I love, it's a great sale. Doesn't matter if it's shoes, clothing or groceries.....if I can score a good deal it makes me giddy!

Smith's, one of our local chain grocery stores was having a most incredible sale. I'd never do my regular shopping at Smiths, but I tell you what...I almost ALWAYS buy my meat there as well as their sale items, because if you stock up when the meats and other items are on sale, you can save soooooooooooooooooooooo much money, and with a family of 7 and only one real income, you gotta make that dollar stretch!

I was so excited about last nights scores that I had to actually take a photo of it. Here we have:

6 boxes of cereal - $1 each
15 Lean Cuisine Frozen Dinners - $1.50 each
1 big roll of Brawny paper towel $1.00 (I'd have definitely bought more but they were out!)
8 bottles of apple juice - $1.00 each
6 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks $1.50 each
2 bottles of Cattleman's BBQ sauce - $1.00 each
6 tubs of Huggies baby wipes - $2.00 each
4 - 3 packs of Irish Spring soap - $1.00 each
2 bottles of Clorox Bleach - $1.00 each
5 bottles of Softsoap hand soap - $1.00 each
5 bottles of Clorox disenfecting wipes - $1.50 each
3 boxes of Ghiradelli Brownie mix - $1.50 each
4 bottles of Lysol all purpose cleaner - $1.50 each
5 bottles of Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner - $1.50 each
3 bottles of Welch's Squeezable Grape Jelly - $1.50 each
2 boxes of Sunshine Cheezit's - $1.50 each
6 - 12 pack boxes of Hunt's Pudding packs - $2.00 each
2 bottles of Softscrub sink cleaner - $2.00 each
5 bottles of Suavitel Fabric Softener (My favorite!) - $2.00 each
1 box of Hostess Cupcakes (Blech - Tess' treat for helping me shop)
6 - 8oz packages of shredded cheese - $1.50 each
Bananas & Apples - I can't remember how much they were.

In total guess how much I spent....

Take a wild, wild guess.....

For all of that I spent $157.22!

My savings were $152.52. Can you believe that! My savings were nearly 50%.

Gosh I love me a good bargain!


Sheryl said...

ROFL! Kristy, you simply must scrap that picture, it's priceless!

Christine said...
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Jana said...

WOW! you're so funny! I never find deals. I'm too lazy.

Becky T said...

That is SWEET! I love me a great deal and that looks like one heck of a deal. I'd be taking a picture too! And your darling daughter looks like she could have a future career on the Price is Right!

Chris said...

Those are some amazing deals Kristy (sorry about the deleted post yesterday, I commented using the wrong user account and it would be confusing...LOL!)

CKMommy said...

WTG Girl, I love me a good bargin too! I always have to save more than I spend at Alberstons or I consider the shopping trip a total loss! LOL

Mistylynn said...

Oh, I was SO there at that sale. I love my Lean Cuisine sandwiches. The best are their case lot sales! Thanks, I'll take a case of cream of mushroom and a two cases of peanut butter... their deals are amazing. GREAT BLOG...glad I stumbled upon ya!

Mistylynn said...

Sorry to add yet another comment, but as I perused your blog I thought it very interesting that you have children named Tessa and Aaron...and well, so do I. Just an odd little tidbit. Do you also happen to have a Jakob, because that would just be WEIRD. Smile.

Suzanne said...

I'm coming to your house girl! great buy on all that food! I can't get out of wally world without spending one hundred sure doesn't go as far as it used to...I can assure you that! Beautiful family photos as usual girl.