Tuesday, July 1, 2008

RNG V3 has arrived!

It's so exciting for me to see the amazing response that Tracey's RNG35 adapter has had in the indy film makers market.

Yesterday (well, late last night) he officially released version 3. We've already had 2 sales this morning (no, make that FOUR!), which is good since I took Aaron to the dentist yesterday and he's going to be having $1,100 worth of dental work done next month....and that is not even including the hospital bill. UGH! Not to mention that my sweet Maddi girl finally started her orthodontic work this morning. I'm so proud of her and how well she did getting her spacers and impressions.

So yeah....if you're reading this....buy a V3. They're freakin' AWESOME! Take action in helping to pay for my kids' medical bills! :0) You know you wanna!

Oh and just cause it fits in theme with this post....here is a layout that I recently did featuring my hot hubby and the RNFNG!


Jana said...

Wow cool! I have a cool brother and someday when you have millions you can give me one! I'm super proud of his accomplishements. The Lord is sure blessing you guys.

Tracey said...

Kristy you are so nice. If I ever do have millions, I will give you one for sure Jana.

Sheryl said...

Kristy, that is awesome! Glad it's going so well. Does the format of that layout scream "A-Z" album? I would guess so!

Beth said...

I love the double layers of the photo on your page Kristy, & I soooo wish you guys the best of luck with your new endeavor! How Exciting!!