Monday, July 14, 2008

One, two.....THREE...FOUR!

and make that 6 of us....sicker than dogs.

It all began last Wed. afternoon. I felt fine! I felt perfect! In fact, I had been working in the yard all morning, splitting the ten million and fifty iris that we have. I decided to take a quick break and pop on the computer when I said to myself..."I feel like I'm gonna throw up!" Sure enough 10 min. later I was tossing all my cookies. Then Thurs. the baby decided he'd like his turn. He was such a star and conveniently threw up 3 times outside, so it was an easy fix of just spraying off the sidewalk.

We all felt decent by Sat., so I begged Tracey to take me on a date. We ended up taking JM which was probably a good thing since he fooled us into thinking that he was all better and surprised us with a fountain of yuck while sitting in his car seat. I can only imagine how bad Maddison would freak out if she had to take care of that!

Then like clockwork during the night...almost to the hour exactly, first Tessa, then Maddison then Sarah...all upstairs....sick as can be. Oh and for kicks I thought I'd have another go at it as well!

Tracey was trying to be the tough guy and held out until Sunday afternoon.

All the while Aaron...the little nut....bouncing off the walls while we are all slabbed out looking like death warmed over.

Plus side? I am temporarily 6 pounds less than I weighed a few days ago! If only it were that easy to keep it off....but alas once I eat and re-hydrate I'm sure I'll be back up there. As for now, I'll enjoy looking at my scale weighing me at 165! :0)


Michelle said...

Sorry you are all so sick. Hope you get feeling better soon.

Cari said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry you have all been so so sick.
I sure hope you're feeling better now.

Jana said...

Nice photo! Sorry you guys got sick.