Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Got a little scrappy today!

I guess I'm feeling the pangs of not being at CHA this time. Maybe I'm trying to drown my sadness in scrappyness, which works great for me. This afternoon Maddison and I sat down to do a little scrappy business while Sarah was at a birthday party. It was Maddisons first official page (and she's 13....egads...what kind of scrappy mommy am I?) and she is hooked. She's already plotting out pages to work on tomorrow which makes me happy. I just need to get her hooked up with a little corner in my scrappy room so that she doesn't have to scrap on the rolling cart that holds my Expression. Bless her heart...no where to put her legs....all hunched over.

She's got her little work of art all tucked away so I'll have to photograph it tomorrow. Here's the diddy that I worked on....the "E" page for my A-Z book. I know, I know....it's kind of a stretch for "E" and all, but hey, it's a funny little tid bit that I want to remember. Aaron. That silly boy. So insistent that his eyes are TOAD!


Becky T said...

Oh my, how cute is this?! You are the scrappy queen and you bust out more pages than anyone I know! And I TOTALLY think this works for "e". :)

And your comment on my blog made me laugh because I'm always thinkin' YOUR photos are amazing! And I'm always trying to be like you, ha ha! :) But I guess in place of scrapping the last ten months, I have dug myself deep into the realms of photography, learning everything I can. So I don't know if I have any secrets or know anything you don't know, but to answer your questions, I almost primarily use my 50mm f/1.8 lens now (but of course am drooling over a few others that I can't have!) and pretty much NEVER use flash...ever. So I have learned to do enough manually to get a good enough exposure to not have to use the blasted flash. And if I do have to use flash, I have a speedlight I use (that I hardly know how to use, but I gotta get learning that!) that definitely beats the heck out of the built in flash. And for Photoshop, I did find a set of color popping actions that works for PSE (Nichole Van actions) and they are pretty good. The more I am learning on editing on my own, I find I do use them less. I always fear of having photos look 'over-edited', so sometimes I'm a little leary to use them, but still do use them quite a bit. And I have learned a lot about photography and editing through Pioneer Woman's website and through Jessica Sprague's photoshop Friday's blog. Let me know if you want/need links to either of those. Anyhow, here's another novel for you...but I'm always up to talk photog now. :) LOL Have a great day!

Becky T said...

OK, I just hit publish and saw how LOOOONG that was...I should have just emailed you. Ha ha!!

Dan said...

Keep up the good work. I love looking at your stuff and seeing what you are up to.

Anonymous said...

I love it, of course. I love the froggy. Can't wait to see Maddie's page.Hey I want to do a page of her and me so you need to take some photos of us.

Kristy said...

Good luck Jana. LOL! She will NOT let me take a photo of her for my "teen" page. Stinker!