Friday, July 25, 2008

Random thoughts for today...

* I really hate mowing our lawn. Really. Our lawnmower sucks total shiz but I can't be bothered to spend money on a new one.
* I wonder how far I ran this morning. I'm kind of scared that I have my big run in 2 weeks.
* I love my husband, and I'm so grateful for all he does....including getting my fat hiney outta bed in the morning to go running.
* So much to do much to do. Gotta finish putting the sexy in the house before David & Marcianne come over. I know it doesn't really matter, but it's kind of nice to have the push to get odds and ends finished up.
* Poor bubba...why does he have a cold. Oh yea...cause the girls'' friends came over with their nasty colds and couldn't keep their hands off of the baby.
* What kind of salad am I going to make?


Anonymous said...

LOL! You make me smile. First I must say your hiney ain't fat damn ya! It's supa sexy! I kinda am having a random day myself. So you can have our lawnmower (which isn't much better) if we end up getting a condo we won't need it! ;)

Michelle said...

Funny, I was having the same lawnmowing thought about 30 minutes ago. In fact, I told Shane that in our yard package we are planning with our taxes next year, I really want a new mower. I mean, mine is 7 years old and wasn't great to begin with.