Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ouch! Feeling the pain of mouth stuff!

Oh my goodness. Why do mouths cost so much to maintain. You'd think that our whole life purpose right now is to pay dentists and orthodontists every extra cent that comes our way.


Here's the skinny....

Tracey: Getting a root canal on Monday and a crown $600 ish
Me: Need a crown...too stubborn to fork out the bucks to do it. $0.00
Maddison: Braces: $2,265, needs 2 fillings sometime in the near futuure $60
Sarah: Starting braces...not paying in full right away, but will have a nice $2,400 bill. And get this....her mouth is a far more complex and complicated case than Maddisons. Who'd a thunk?!?! Sarah, also having 2 fillings when Maddison has hers.....$10 (We'll have finally met that deductible at least! :0) )
Tessa: Bless the girl and her good teeth
Aaron: Oh we even want to go there.....7 crowns, 3 root canals $1,100 + whatever the hospital portion is. At least $500 to meet our deductible.
JM: He's not allowed to get any more teeth. He can function on his 4 thank you very much!

Seriously! Do you not know how much FUN stuff we could do with what we are paying out for all of this oral crap! **sigh**

When I make my world...we're not having mouths. Just think, we'll all be skinny cause we wont be able to eat!!!!

So yeah....if you come over for dinner any time soon and we're having ramen noodles, you'll understand. Maybe if you're lucky I'll even mix it up with a can of cream of mushroom soup! After all, I've got a case of the stuff in the basement!


Cari said...

Oh my goodness girl!!!
I can't believe Aaron has all that already. Poor dude.

I'll join you for ramen noodles - 'cause I'm sure we'll be eating that soon too!! ;)

CKMommy said...

Yikes...that's alotta $$$$. Can't wait until my kiddos get that age, we've been pretty lucky so far.

We'll be eating Ramen noodles too...oh wait, their packed. Hummmm, I think we're down to a half a loaf of bread and a bag of half eaten stale potato chips. YUuM