Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Toothless Beauty!

I can't believe it! Tessa finally lost her first tooth last night in a "normal" fashion. She had her first two lower teeth pulled out by the dentist because her permanent teeth had completely grown in behind her baby teeth.

I think she looks so sweet with a little hole in her mouth. I can't believe she will be EIGHT soon and is just now experiencing a gap for her first time.

She was thrilled that a "purple" tooth fairy came to visit her last night. Really it was more of a hot pink tooth fairy. Maybe she will get a purple one next time. We've had a full range of different colored tooth fairys visit our house and thanks to Doodlebug our rainbow has expanded! ;)

I was so excited about the tooth fairy that I completely forgot about Weigh In Wednesday. I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning before I eat to get accuate measurement!

Wiggly Tooth

Mini DIYer....gonna get that tooth out! She worked it for a good hour this way. (I actually ended up yanking it out with tissue)

The first gap!


My beautiful toothless beauty!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Project 365 Upload #10 & #11

Wow...where has the time gone? I'll tell you what I've been doing....I've been crazy busy with preparing for teaching at the Scrapbook USA Expo. Now that is done I need to put my house back together! ACK!

Here's a peek at the past 2 weeks.

March 8: For dinner, I had a craving for "Egg in Bread" like my Uncle Don used to make when we were kids. I really didn't know how to make it, and obviously I didn't do it right, but they still satisfied the craving for some nasty, greasy food.

March 9: We invited Grandma and Grandpa Lee to celebrate our goal of reading 1/4 of the Book of Mormon. We decided that we would go to dinner at Rubios and then ride Trax into town and go to Temple Square. We hadn't taken our kids to just look around at the displays at Temple Square for years. It was nice to spend time as a family, feeling the Spirit, and being able to re-emphasize to our children of the truthfullness of the Gospel. I am so grateful for a husband that is such a wonderful man and a worthy priesthood holder and for our children and the fact that our family is eternal.

March 10: You know you are definitely a Utah resident when you pretty much live in denial that winter is over and spring has arrived. We were treated to the first of what promises to be several late snow storms. At this point of winter, I want nothing more than to be outside, working in the yard and wearing my capris and flip flops. Unfortunately the Utah winters tend to drag things out.

March 11: Today Jana, Michelle and I put together 200 kits for my classes for the spring Scrapbook USA Expo. I really enjoy teaching, for the most part, and love that Jana and Michelle are always so willing to help put the kits together as it is a long, drawn own and tedious process. We do have fun and enjoy our sister time while making the kits and the bribery of buying them lunch is well worth it!

March 12: After about a month I finally finished up my railing painting project. I really love how it turned out and it looks great with our kitchen table. Now I need to decide what to do with our kitchen cabinets and get started on that project. Well....maybe I'll give myself a tiny break first!

March 13: Aaron loves to be artistic. To eliminate stress we wait until JM is sleeping before busting out the paints, or playdoh or toys with tiny pieces. Today Aaron chose watercolor painiting. I love watching him make people. They are my very favorite. I could have a house filled with his drawings of people and I would never quit smiling!

March 14: Today Uncle Don, Cousin Mike, Tracey and myself ran the Leprechaun Lope 5K up by Capitol Hill. I always forget how much I love running a race until I'm there...surrounded by the atmosphere and the other runners. It was a pretty tough course all in all...especially for someone just recovering from a foot injury. The first two miles of the course are uphill and the last 1.2 is all down. I have to smile because I genuinely beat Tracey. He was trying to beat me, but hit a wall and I came in just a few seconds before him at 30 min and 37 seconds.

March 15: There are days that it kind of hits me like a brick that I have a beautiful TEENAGE daughter. It is so strange to me to think that I was just a few years older than Maddi is now when I met Tracey. I look at her and don't ever want her to have boyfriends....let alone finding the person she will marry when she is 17! I love my Maddi girl. I love that we have grown so much closer together over the past few years. I love that she is my friend and my #1 text messager, and that they are such cute, random, silly, deep thought type text messages!

March 16: Although it surprises most people when they find out, I struggle with depression in a big way and have ever since I was a late teen ager. Today was one of my all time lows. I struggle the most with being a mom and all of the responsibilities that come with it. It is selfish, but sometimes I find myself filled with regret at the spacing of our children, as I sometimes want to just move on to the next stage in life. In fact, Tracey even came home from work at lunch today to check on me because he knew that I was deeply struggling. I know it has a lot to do with my attitude, getting enough rest and staying active. I am also grateful for the support of friends and loved ones, and ever so grateful that there is medical help. It makes me laugh to think of all of the years that I tried to just "get by" feeling like I was better than needing medical help. Now I realize how silly that was and what a blessing it is that I live in a day and age where help is readily available.
Oh and for the record....I do love my kids, and bottom line, I wouldn't trade anything about them for the world. Although, I wont lie! There are certainly horribly hard days along the road.

March 17: Today was St. Patricks Day. I love little holidays although we never tend to make a big deal out of them. We typically have breakfast for dinner on St. Patty's day and eat green eggs, and green pancakes.

March 18: I can't believe that JM is growing so big. Tonight I had to run to the store and buy some diapers. Even though he probably could have gotten away with size 4 diapers for another month or two, I figured it would be nice to have the extra pee catching possibility with the bigger diapers. He still seems like my little baby, but the truth is he's growing up and before I know it he wont be in diapers any more!

March 19: Today the exercise endorphines kicked in and I feel so genuinely happy. I tend to forget a little too easily how important it is for me to stay active. Even if I didn't lose an ounce, the mental health benefit is something that I need to remember that I NEED! It's so easy to get out of the exercise mode and then start to get down about lots of little things. When I stay active consistently I have a better handle on things and can deal with every day stresses in a much better way and honestly it just feels so good to be happy.

March 20: Today I taught classes for Polar Bear Press at the Scrapbook USA Expo. It's a crazy huge event where thousands of scrapbookers meet to shop, scrap and spend some more! My classes this time were not horribly huge which was actually kind of nice. Jana was my TA which was great. She always does such a great job!

March 21: I didn't buy much at the Scrapbook Expo as I haven't done much scrapbooking lately. However I did find this cute "camera bag" that actually works great for a new purse. I guess I'm kind of a purse junkie. I love to buy a cute new bag!

March 22: Today was Stake Conference so we were naughty and decided to have a family day at home. We have tried to go to Stake Conference in the past but it has just been so hard with the boys that we just decided to stay home. I had the urge to make my favorite cinnamon rolls from an Amish cookbook that I have. They are really involved and take the better part of a day to make, but oh so worth it when they are done.

March 23: Tracey and I have wanted a new TV for our bedroom for a very, very, VERRRRRRRRRY long time. We tend to watch a lot of movies on his computer while we lay in bed and are always complaining about how small the monitor is. We made out with a nice tax refund this year so we decided to splurge a tiny bit on a new TV. Nothing way fancy, but certainly does the trick! In fact tonight Aaron was happily watching Spongebob in our bed so that Tracey and I could watch 24 in the basement in peace!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hellooooooooooooo Weigh In Wednesday!

Oh how I love me the instant gratification of RUNNING! Not only do I FEEL better mentaly, I have an amazing response to dropping pounds - especially when I first start out running consistently. I figure since last Sat. I've put about 9 miles on my feet. I'm giving them a break today since my right foot is still a little sore and I don't want to overdo! Anyhow, good ol' Jillian from The Biggest Loser once did an interview which I read and she said hands down, the #1 best way to lose weight is to get OUTDOORS and run! Granted, my cute little neighbor that looks ever so FAN-TAS-TIC is experiencing the temporary weight gain from running as a result of enduring long distance running from training for the SL 1/2 Marathon next month. Just remember Kristen...from everything I've ever read, that's totally normal due to the stress your body is under and should just melt off as soon as you are done with the long distances.....

Anyhow, good news is, thanks to me and my 903's I'm down 2.2 this week! Only .4 to go to get back to where I was a couple of weeks ago.

Now if I could just get a handle on the eating thing! Then maybe I'd be into my goal pants before my birthday! :0)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've said it before and I'll say it again...MY HUSBAND IS TALENTED!

I'm so proud of Tracey. He just finished up shooting his first "spec" video as he has several potential music clients that wanted to see what he could do for them. I know I'm a hormonal wreck these days, but I have to say that watching this video made me cry. I'm not sure if it is because of the content of the video, or if it is because I am so incredibly proud of my husband and awed by his talent.

I love you Tracey! I can't wait to hear what your clients think of this!


Oh and the entire video was shot with the Canon 5D

Friday, March 13, 2009

KIDS! Let's face it....they are not easy

It's been one of "*those*" weeks around here. One of those weeks where I have found myself slipping into not so positive thinking and finding myself thinking on a whim that I regret the spacing that we chose for our children. I know, I know...a lot of that stems from having a hurt foot, not sleeping well, and the crazy weather keeping us more or less house bound.

It's also been an exceptionally trying week with Aaron and his seemingly non stop whining in conjunction with being ever the bully to his little brother.

And then there is Matthew...the kid with the face of an angel but the energy of a tasmanian devil.

The combination of those two, day after day, while the girls are at school is nothing short of wearisome, and I sometimes wonder why we chose to have our kids spaced out enough that we will have a high school graduation and a kindergarten graduation in the same year. Wrap all of that up with a mom that is 36 years old and there are days that it is hard. VERY hard.

However, it makes me grateful for little moments like these...when the purity and sweetness of our boys shine through, to give me a boost when I need it. It makes me grateful that even though I must put my own personal every day freedom on hold for a few more years, that I HAVE this sweet little face to greet me each day. It makes me grateful that somehow we were blessed to have our 5 children. It makes me more aware of the pain that many struggle with who have the challenge of infertility in this life. It also makes me incredibly grateful for a husband that understands the sacrifice of staying home and just being mom.

Honestly, as hard as days may seem at times, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please vote! and a little Weigh In Wednesday!

Apparently as has been brought to my attention by one of the parents that had a child disqualified from the Nick, Jr. contest there were some unknown factors involved in resulting thousands of votes for at least her child.

I do owe "J" an apology as it apparently wasn't her fault that her child was disqualified Hopefully that was the same situation with the other two children and if Nick has mistakenly disqualified these children I hope they will put things right. I do feel badly as anyone that knows me knows I would never intentionally set out to hurt the feelings of anyone. So, lesson learned! Think before I type!

Anyhow, THE GOOD NEWS IS, it isn't too late to HELP ALIZA WIN! Please, if you've got the time, go to the Nick, Jr. website, look for the photo above and cast your vote! If we get enough of us together, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Now as far as Weigh In Wednesday goes, I've had the worst gain that I've experienced in a VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY long time. I'm up 2.2 pounds. It just frustrates me that the minute I start exercising I start packing on the pounds. But frustrations aside, I LOVE the way I feel, I LOVE the sense of accomplishment in running and pushing my body to it's limits.

Unfortunately this past week, I obviously pushed too far and I am currently suffering from a running injury. Honestly today I can barely walk. I thought I was pretty much healed up so merely went out for a walk last night and half way through thought I was going to die. TOday is even worse. I'm actually quite heart broken and have cried because I just want to run. I want to be healthy. I want to look good.

I will not get discouraged over my weight gain and as soon as I am able I am going to pick myself up, brush myself off and get on track to those size 8's!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Project 365 Upload #9

Here's to another week! I admit...this was the first week that I thought "Why am I doing this...I think I'll quit". Hopefully I can get over those thoughts, cause it really will be fun when all is said and done, and I have a nifty book in my hands.

Mar 2nd:

I really do love our house with the exception of our laundry room. You would think in a house of 2,750 square feet that the architects could have found a slightly bigger nook to put a laundry room. I guess for an "average" sized family the laundry area would be workable, but for a family of 7 it is truly not practical, especially since the laundry area is also the walkthrough to our garage, and when laundry is a constant, there is always a mountain you have to tread over walking in our out of the house. We're hoping to figure out another solution to our laundry woes this year.

Mar 3:

After a good run there is nothing better than hitting the gas station for an early morning Diet Coke. Yeah, yeah...I know, if I'd just give it up, I would probably not hurt as bad running, but it is one of those simple pleasures in life that I'm just not willing to sacrifice. And it's not even the caffeine that is an addiction. 90% of the time I am drinking Caffeine Free Diet least whenever it is available.

The boys don't seem to mind when I make my morning stop for a beverage either because they most often score a little treat themselves.

Mar 4:

I've been trying to work hard at shrinking myself and being fit so that I can enjoy my children and enjoy my life to the fullest. Last year at this time I was a size 12. I bought a pair of "goal pants" that were a size 10, that I wanted to fit into by my birthday in June. It was such a great reminder every time I was in the shower to see the pants hanging on the door. I decided that I wanted to repeat the same incentive this year and bought a pair of size 8 pants that I hope to fit into by my birthday. It will be very exciting to reach that goal, as I have not been a size 8 since I was 15 or 16.

Mar 5: Today the girls had their orthodontist appointment. It's always fun to see the colors that they choose for their elastics. I'm so grateful that we have been able to make the investment to give our girls a perfect smile. Both Tracey and I recall all too well the negative impact of having a "monster mouth", and hope that our girls will always appreciate the gift of straight teeth.

Mar 6:

I'm always so impressed with the "DIY" abilities of Tracey. If it's something he is interested in having he will make it happen. Tonight he and Aaron spent the evening in our garage making a dolly for Tracey to use in filming. They tore the wheels off of two cheapie skateboards and used some PVC piping for track. I love that he can make a great tool for a fraction of the cost of a "professional" rig.

Mar 7:

Today Tracey spent the morning using his DIY dolly and 5D to begin filming a mock music video. The video is a Johnatha Brooks cover of the Alan Parsons Project song - "The Eye In The Sky". Tracey is incredibly gifted in his filming abilities and I can't wait to see what the final product looks like. This is a photo grab from the video that he recorded.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


My very good friend Michelle Hammond, the owner of Polar Bear Press and our amazing accountant who is crazy fantastic, who also has 5 kids, very close in age to our kids' ages, and whom I am trying to convince to audition for THe Amazing Race with me.....well her little girl is a finalist in Nick Jr's Super Fan of the Year contest. How cool is that!

So if you have a spare minute, would you mind popping over to vote for Aliza?

Click on THIS LINK, scroll over until you see THIS PHOTO and cast your vote. You don't even have to register. You can vote once from each computer in your home per day.

Michelle has been such a great help and blessing in our lives and I'd be thrilled for little Aliza to win a huge party and bedroom makeover. I mean truly...what 4 year old kid wouldn't want that?!!?


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Weigh In Wednesday again...with a little added motivation!

So it's Weigh In Wednesday again. I guess it doesn't matter if I eat like crap or exercise like a good girl....I'm just sort of on this steady 1 pound down a week thing. It makes me laugh that over the 4 weeks I have dropped exactly one pound each week. I guess that is a good amount since it's likely going to stay off as it's not a massive quick downfall. I tell you what though....I'll take the being active over the eating crap lifestyle anyday. It FEELS GREAT to be running again. I ran 4 miles this morning and can't wait to get back out there...even though my foot is protesting! I may have to give it a rest for a day or so, so that I can be ready for my 5K on the 14th.

Anyhow, some of you may remember my "goal pants" that I bought last spring that were size 10's. I had those babies hanging on my bathroom door for about three months before I could even get them on. I did it by my goal in June and on my birthday I wore the jeans for the first time.

I thought I'd like to get another visual to work toward and have a new pair of cute size 8 capris hanging on the back of my bathroom door. I hung them on a hanger from a size 16 something or other that I bought 2 years ago. It will be a great day to cut my pant size by 1/2! Here's hoping again that by my birthday I will be able to take a photo in these, cause heaven only knows it isn't a pretty sight in them right now! It will really be a dream come true for me as I have not worn a size 8 since I was about 16 years old. Granted I think the sizes are a little more "generous" than they used to be but hey...I don't care. Call me vain. Call me whatever. I'll just be one proud mama, to have 5 kids and have a label size 8 huggin' my butt!

Keep up the good work everyone out there that is striving to get more fit! It's a long process, but if you keep at it, you'll make it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

After a good run...

After a good run there is nothing better than hitting the gas station for an early morning Diet Coke. Yeah, yeah...I know, if I'd just give it up, I would probably not hurt as bad running, but it is one of those simple pleasures in life that I'm just not willing to sacrifice. And it's not even the caffeine that is an addiction. 90% of the time I am drinking Caffeine Free Diet least whenever it is available.

The boys don't seem to mind when I make my morning stop for a beverage either because they most often score a little treat themselves.

Obviously JM wasn't completely happy with the choice he made as he shortly made a move on brothers treat!

Silly boys.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Project 365 Upload #8

You know I was sitting there thinking the other day that I really need to re-name my blog to "Life Photographed." I can't believe how long it has been since I scrapped anything. In fact I haven't even unpacked from the night I went scrapbooking with Traceys sisters in January. I really need to dig out my new WRMK stuff...maybe that will give me the drive!

Anyhow here is a peek at our lives last week!

Feb 23:

We were lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Lee over for dinner. Maddison had forgotten her phone charger at their house, and to be a teenager with a dead phone would be nothing short of devestating, so after work they drove it down. We love spending time with them and wish that we lived closer, but are still grateful that we can see each other within an hours drive.

Feb 24: Matthew has proven to be a major "outside" boy. The weather was nice today so we spent the afternoon hanging out in the back yard. The boys played in the sandbox while I sat and finished reading The Giver, which is an excellent book!

Feb 25:

Being a part of the Facebook community has been an absolute blast. It's been SO much fun to hook up with old friends, really get to know some of my neighbors, which I'd never have had the opportunity to do otherwise, and most of all has been great to have daily contact with my brothers whom I love so much! I found a bunch of old photos from our childhood and posted them on my Facebook page for everyone to have a good giggle over.

Feb 26:

Tonight was Maddisons parent teacher conferences. She and I spent 2.5 hours meeting with her teachers. For the most part Maddison is doing great in her classes. Her English class is her favorite, just as mine always was. Her teacher was so impressed with a recent essay that she completed that she asked if she could use it as an example for her students next year.

Feb 27:

Tracey took the day off of work so that he could catch up on his RNG business. All morning long Aaron was talking about the Thomas pieces that he wanted to buy. We kept telling him that we didn't have money to buy him whatever he wanted and he simply asked if we could just "buy more money". We took him to Target and told him he had $10 to spend on something Thomas-y and he chose a 3 car Percy set....mostly because of the log car.

Feb 28:

Tracey's cousin Danny got married today. The kids were SO excited to go to the reception and because it was close we decided to take them. It was a beautiful reception and Tracey's cousin and new wife looked very happy.

March 1:

After church Tracey and Sarah decided to make chocolate chip cookies. We didn't have any chocolate chips, but the big pair of solid chocolate lips that Tracey gave me on Valentines worked quite nicely when chopped up! It's a good thing that I didn't eat them and had them to put in the cookies. Tracey and Sarah did a great job!