Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Toothless Beauty!

I can't believe it! Tessa finally lost her first tooth last night in a "normal" fashion. She had her first two lower teeth pulled out by the dentist because her permanent teeth had completely grown in behind her baby teeth.

I think she looks so sweet with a little hole in her mouth. I can't believe she will be EIGHT soon and is just now experiencing a gap for her first time.

She was thrilled that a "purple" tooth fairy came to visit her last night. Really it was more of a hot pink tooth fairy. Maybe she will get a purple one next time. We've had a full range of different colored tooth fairys visit our house and thanks to Doodlebug our rainbow has expanded! ;)

I was so excited about the tooth fairy that I completely forgot about Weigh In Wednesday. I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning before I eat to get accuate measurement!

Wiggly Tooth

Mini DIYer....gonna get that tooth out! She worked it for a good hour this way. (I actually ended up yanking it out with tissue)

The first gap!


My beautiful toothless beauty!


Kiersten said...

This is always a big event. I love the picture of her trying to get the tooth out :)

Mistylynn said...

Do you think it's weird that my Tessa's two bottom teeth grew in behind her babies and Travis was so mean and yanked them out? Wow, your tooth fairy needs to come to our house, ours only leaves a dollar.
Feel like it's been forever since we had a good chat.

Ali said...

She looks even cuter with that one tooth gone. **sigh** How I remember that cute little fairy!

Muche's Smala said...

Dang, our toothfairy is cheap, it's a quarter here! and there is NO way Tessa is gonna be 8, nope, I don't believe it!

Misty said...

(How did I not know you have a blog??) $5! Seriously -- I'm coming to your house next time I lose a tooth. Although, she definitely earns extra for trying to yank it out with pliers. :)