Sunday, March 1, 2009

Project 365 Upload #8

You know I was sitting there thinking the other day that I really need to re-name my blog to "Life Photographed." I can't believe how long it has been since I scrapped anything. In fact I haven't even unpacked from the night I went scrapbooking with Traceys sisters in January. I really need to dig out my new WRMK stuff...maybe that will give me the drive!

Anyhow here is a peek at our lives last week!

Feb 23:

We were lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Lee over for dinner. Maddison had forgotten her phone charger at their house, and to be a teenager with a dead phone would be nothing short of devestating, so after work they drove it down. We love spending time with them and wish that we lived closer, but are still grateful that we can see each other within an hours drive.

Feb 24: Matthew has proven to be a major "outside" boy. The weather was nice today so we spent the afternoon hanging out in the back yard. The boys played in the sandbox while I sat and finished reading The Giver, which is an excellent book!

Feb 25:

Being a part of the Facebook community has been an absolute blast. It's been SO much fun to hook up with old friends, really get to know some of my neighbors, which I'd never have had the opportunity to do otherwise, and most of all has been great to have daily contact with my brothers whom I love so much! I found a bunch of old photos from our childhood and posted them on my Facebook page for everyone to have a good giggle over.

Feb 26:

Tonight was Maddisons parent teacher conferences. She and I spent 2.5 hours meeting with her teachers. For the most part Maddison is doing great in her classes. Her English class is her favorite, just as mine always was. Her teacher was so impressed with a recent essay that she completed that she asked if she could use it as an example for her students next year.

Feb 27:

Tracey took the day off of work so that he could catch up on his RNG business. All morning long Aaron was talking about the Thomas pieces that he wanted to buy. We kept telling him that we didn't have money to buy him whatever he wanted and he simply asked if we could just "buy more money". We took him to Target and told him he had $10 to spend on something Thomas-y and he chose a 3 car Percy set....mostly because of the log car.

Feb 28:

Tracey's cousin Danny got married today. The kids were SO excited to go to the reception and because it was close we decided to take them. It was a beautiful reception and Tracey's cousin and new wife looked very happy.

March 1:

After church Tracey and Sarah decided to make chocolate chip cookies. We didn't have any chocolate chips, but the big pair of solid chocolate lips that Tracey gave me on Valentines worked quite nicely when chopped up! It's a good thing that I didn't eat them and had them to put in the cookies. Tracey and Sarah did a great job!

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