Thursday, March 5, 2009


My very good friend Michelle Hammond, the owner of Polar Bear Press and our amazing accountant who is crazy fantastic, who also has 5 kids, very close in age to our kids' ages, and whom I am trying to convince to audition for THe Amazing Race with me.....well her little girl is a finalist in Nick Jr's Super Fan of the Year contest. How cool is that!

So if you have a spare minute, would you mind popping over to vote for Aliza?

Click on THIS LINK, scroll over until you see THIS PHOTO and cast your vote. You don't even have to register. You can vote once from each computer in your home per day.

Michelle has been such a great help and blessing in our lives and I'd be thrilled for little Aliza to win a huge party and bedroom makeover. I mean truly...what 4 year old kid wouldn't want that?!!?



Jana said...

So fun. They are all so cute.

Danielle said...

I voted! You have GOT to do amazing race, that would be so fun!

Ali said...

I voted! There were 86 votes when I clicked so I guess I was 87 :-)

Ali said...

Clicked for today too Miss K :-). She is now up to 136

Ali said...

Clicked again today :-) it's up to 137 votes including mine :-)

Good luck little girlie :-)