Friday, March 13, 2009

KIDS! Let's face it....they are not easy

It's been one of "*those*" weeks around here. One of those weeks where I have found myself slipping into not so positive thinking and finding myself thinking on a whim that I regret the spacing that we chose for our children. I know, I know...a lot of that stems from having a hurt foot, not sleeping well, and the crazy weather keeping us more or less house bound.

It's also been an exceptionally trying week with Aaron and his seemingly non stop whining in conjunction with being ever the bully to his little brother.

And then there is Matthew...the kid with the face of an angel but the energy of a tasmanian devil.

The combination of those two, day after day, while the girls are at school is nothing short of wearisome, and I sometimes wonder why we chose to have our kids spaced out enough that we will have a high school graduation and a kindergarten graduation in the same year. Wrap all of that up with a mom that is 36 years old and there are days that it is hard. VERY hard.

However, it makes me grateful for little moments like these...when the purity and sweetness of our boys shine through, to give me a boost when I need it. It makes me grateful that even though I must put my own personal every day freedom on hold for a few more years, that I HAVE this sweet little face to greet me each day. It makes me grateful that somehow we were blessed to have our 5 children. It makes me more aware of the pain that many struggle with who have the challenge of infertility in this life. It also makes me incredibly grateful for a husband that understands the sacrifice of staying home and just being mom.

Honestly, as hard as days may seem at times, I wouldn't trade it for the world.


G.Ma said...

Kristy those are the golden moments of being a mom. Dan had a boss once that said "the only thing worse that having kids, is not having them." How true!!
They will someday call you blessed for bringing them into this life and for helping them to grow. They are a special gift from God. Your a good mom--not perfect yet, but none of us are. Hang in there--take one step at a time. They are so very precious, cute, and lovable!

some kind of wonderful said...

oh sister...where do i even start. i feel your pain on so many levels. i need you to be my neighbor and give me such positive thoughts. i am a glass half empty girl...and i with those issues and some many other things. hugs to you! and thanks for letting me see the positive side at a time when i only focus on the negative!

Muche's Smala said...

've been there, felt that! Amen sister :) Love that cute little boy of yours, very very handsome ;)

Suzanne said...

oh, my, my, my! I couldn't have said or written it any better girl! Bless your heart,because surely you've verbalized what MANY mommies feel including ME!

Ali said...

As the Mom of two young boys that are CONSTANTLY at each other, I CAN SO IDENTIFY with that, and the grinding you down, and the full on energy, and the older one being the bully, and the tiredness and sometimes hopelessness. So, I'm with you every step of the way sistah!

p.s. I'm still voting for that little angel. LOL. She is up to having 924 votes, YEAH!

Danielle said...

Girl, I never had any idea of how hard it was to stay home with munchkins! The 3 months I stayed home with Sienna every day were way more work than I expected. I told a girl I worked with that my "go-to-work-job" was nowhere near as much work as staying home! I definitely admire you for managing to keep 5 little ones all taken care of and loved!