Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Weigh In Wednesday again...with a little added motivation!

So it's Weigh In Wednesday again. I guess it doesn't matter if I eat like crap or exercise like a good girl....I'm just sort of on this steady 1 pound down a week thing. It makes me laugh that over the 4 weeks I have dropped exactly one pound each week. I guess that is a good amount since it's likely going to stay off as it's not a massive quick downfall. I tell you what though....I'll take the being active over the eating crap lifestyle anyday. It FEELS GREAT to be running again. I ran 4 miles this morning and can't wait to get back out there...even though my foot is protesting! I may have to give it a rest for a day or so, so that I can be ready for my 5K on the 14th.

Anyhow, some of you may remember my "goal pants" that I bought last spring that were size 10's. I had those babies hanging on my bathroom door for about three months before I could even get them on. I did it by my goal in June and on my birthday I wore the jeans for the first time.

I thought I'd like to get another visual to work toward and have a new pair of cute size 8 capris hanging on the back of my bathroom door. I hung them on a hanger from a size 16 something or other that I bought 2 years ago. It will be a great day to cut my pant size by 1/2! Here's hoping again that by my birthday I will be able to take a photo in these, cause heaven only knows it isn't a pretty sight in them right now! It will really be a dream come true for me as I have not worn a size 8 since I was about 16 years old. Granted I think the sizes are a little more "generous" than they used to be but hey...I don't care. Call me vain. Call me whatever. I'll just be one proud mama, to have 5 kids and have a label size 8 huggin' my butt!

Keep up the good work everyone out there that is striving to get more fit! It's a long process, but if you keep at it, you'll make it!


Becky T said...

Love the inspiration I get from you, my friend! Just hit up the gym this week again after a loooong break (haven't been since last fall) and I'm needing all the help I can get. So maybe a pair of pants on the bathroom door is just what I need. Way go to, hot mama! You are awesome!!!

Ali said...

How could I read this post and not congratulate you. Weight loss however it comes, is hard. You have done so well already. I am willing you on in this task.

Cheering you silently from the sidelines, my friend.


Elena said...

GREAT for you!!! I'm excited for your progress. And if you want a great size, go to Banana Republic. It's maybe worth the extra $50 to wear the smaller size.

Sheryl said...

Glad it's going so well Kristy - looking forward to the picture of you in those capris!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is you suck! Ok just kidding. I know how hard you've worked. I have to agree with you too though, I love eating right and working out now. I'm starting to get that runner's high I always heard about. I know I will lose the weight. It's just always tough when you think oh come on I should lose like 20lbs a week. There is no way I will ever ever be a size 8 but that's ok. I'm hoping to get into a size 12 by next summer.

Oh btw I ran 1.43 miles today. Not straight but the alternate job, brisk walking...I thought that was pretty good and am ready for Day 3 of my 5K training tomorrow.

some kind of wonderful said...

this is so awesome! slow and steady baby! i followed your lead and joined ww...we'll see how it goes...i am hoping since the weather is starting to get better and the snow is finally melting that i can get outside and get moving soon! thanks for all the inspiration!

Muche's Smala said...

I have the exact same pants :)...same size too, which I'm very happy to be in also after 5 kids: we are extremely hot and sexy mamas I'm telling you.