Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lee Family Video Portrait

While we got together with all of the "extended family" last Saturday, my hubby set about creating a Family Video Portrait. It's sort of one of the new fun things to do in the video world, and after he showed me one I told him he totally had to make one of our family.

Unfortunately David & Marcianne are not in it cause they were being stubborn ;), and I am apparently a lousy videographer because the shots that I did of Tracey are no good. I'll have to try again so that he can be in it as well.

There is a whole range of ages from pretty darn little all the way up to Tracey's Grandmas and Grandpa. (Yes...our kiddos Great Grandparents).



Mer said...

Look at all those good looking people!

Love your video and you did a great job on the portraits! They're perfect enough for me. ;)

CKMommy said...

How fun~ I'd love one of those for my family!

Anonymous said...

I am such a bawl baby! I seriously cried. What a sweet vid of a bunch of people I really love.

Sheryl said...

That is gorgeous, Kristy. Such a cool idea.

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

Oh my goodness! That just filled my heart up! I LOVE that video!

Alison said...

I was choked too looking at that video. What a priceless piece of history for the family to have. Loved looking at the familiar faces again!!! Tracey makes the coolest videos and puts the coolest music to them! The only thing is - he never puts himself in them! LOL. I just loved it all.