Friday, August 22, 2008

Friendly Flowers - Unity Stamp Company

You know I'm a lucky girl. I KNOW that I'm a lucky girl. Let me tell you WHY I am a lucky girl. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to work with the FRIENDLY FLOWERS stamp set from Unity Stamp Company. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not much of a stamper, so all of you stampers out there....LOOK AWAY! :0)

I did something today that I have never in my life done before and that was creating a layout using nothing but stamps. I used two of the stamps in the set to create the background of my layout and then the flower stamp to create my embellishments. I just LOVE that flower stamp.

I'm also excited because I will be entering this layout into the Utah State Fair in the Stamping category. I've never entered in that category before because I've never made a layout with nuttin' but stamps!

Thanks for peeking!


Kristen said...

You are so good! I need to take some lessons.

Becky T said...

Oh my, that flower stamp is AWESOME! I love this layout and way to go using all stamps. I have friends who do that all the time and I have such a hard time with it myself. This does not look stamped, though, it totally looks like patterned paper! It's stunning!

And ok, I was totally cracking up at Mr. Aaron asleep with chips hanging right out of his mouth AND at the fireman cake. HILARIOUS!!

Chris said...

Gorgeous!Amazing use of the stamps!

Mistylynn said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I thought that was patterned paper. You did such a good job. You rocked it especially for a "first timer".
Thanks again for the goodies. I noticed that the paper I just purchased to make a mini for baby Jonah's ultrasounds is WRMK White Out. Too funny. I didn't even look at the brand I was just like, "Oh, these are perfect, I'll take two!"
That is what our baby will be name...Jonah...with all the hope in the world my dh doesn't change his mind and insist on something else. He's already Jonah to us.
I'm not quite sure where the Mescalero Res is, I know that's bad not knowing where something is in your state...I really should look it up. I might've mislead ya a bit on where we actually live...I could never truly be a country gal...we live a quick 15 min drive from Albuquerque and our town is booming with all the people moving out of ABQ to the "country". As of early this year we now have our very own Wal-Mart. Aren't we special? We have a Smith's and a McDonald's too. It's still pretty "small town, USA" but we like having some space to ourselves and still being able to do all the "city things". I just HATE the weeds!!! Hahaha. And the worst, worst, part is that our church building can not overlap wards (too small parking lot) so we have 9:00am and 1:00pm...I sure do miss that 11:00 time slot. Ugh.
Take care, sweetie.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing. I just have a major love/hate relationship with stamping. You did fantastic.

Vicki said...

This is awesome, Kristy! I love the stamp in the background and the flower. Good luck with this entry also!

Lisa said...

This is an awesome layout! I love Unity stamps, they are so user friendly and I think you did an amazing job stamping the whole layout!

Sheryl said...

Great stamping Kristy! You never know, you might just get addicted. Good luck in the competition with your entries.

Jen Gallacher said...

I love stamps. What a fun layout, Kristy! :)