Friday, August 8, 2008

Ding, Ding, Ding.....ROUND TWO!

Wow. I just honestly and truly think that life can't get any busier! This summer has been a blur and it breaks my heart that we have only one more week and it's back to school.

I wanted to make sure that both of the girls had their teeth extracted and feeling better before school started, so today we went to the dentist for round two of teeth pulling.

This time it was Sarah. This time it was without sedation. This time I got to watch.

All I can say is Sarah is a superstar. She did so good. There were a few tears with the shots in the roof of her mouth, but other than that she did great.

Poor thing is absolutely starving, but her mouth is still numb so she's having a hard time swallowing. However, this too shall pass and one day when she has a perfect smile she will be grateful for this day of misery!


Becky T said...

Oh my, Kristy. I do not envy your dental bills. WOW! Poor girl, though. Hope she gets back to normal soon.

CKMommy said...

Wow, both girls with major dental bills. YIKES!

Poor girls, I've been there and that's no fun at all.

Jana said...

Yeah I know those bills are bad! And I say it will be worth the gorgeous smiles! I don't regret a day all the pain I went through for my smile! WTG Sarah!

Sheryl said...

OOH nasty! I'm sure she will feel better soon, and the end result will be worth it.