Monday, August 11, 2008

I guess 2.5 hours of sedation has its perks!

No, no......I wasn't the lucky one being sedated for two and a half hours today. Today was Aaron's turn at the dentist, and did he ever put the dentist to work. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that he had 14 fillings, 1 baby root canal and one crown. Yes, you are not mistaken...the boy is not even 4. I'll admit it. I'm not the best at keeping up on the kids brushing their teeth, but I hafta say that the kid just has lousy teeth. I haven't done anything more or less with him than I did with his older sisters, and at Tess' check up she didn't have even a single cavity. That girl is 7.5 and going on cavity free! Sarah has only had a couple and well, Maddison.....she and Aaron have had the same story on their baby teeth. Only this time it cost a whole lot more! When did dental pricing soar so high? So yeah...if you're driving around AF and see some punk young dentist....younger than ME....driving a new BMW, we paid for that. Actually he's not a punk. He's really nice. I'm just feeling old when all of the doctors we've visited recently are younger than my age. What's with that? When did I get old?

So anyway...what a treat it was watching my poor boy trip out. I have to admit. I giggled. Not long after the shot of happy stuff in the arm was administered did he exclaim to me that he was seeing fireworks! Sheesh. I think all moms of 5 should be allowed an occasional legal shot in the arm that produces a firework display. Then again....if I had to pay $1,100 for it, I think I'd have to kindly decline and find sources of relaxation and entertaiment another....less expensive way. I mean, really....I don't want to finance another BMW for someone ELSE. I'd rather buy my hubby that sexy Dodge Charger that he's after. They ARE sexy cars. They are such dude cars too. Every time I see a chick driving one of those it kind of makes me violent. ESPECIALLY when I see car seats in the back. Why does it make me violent? I have no clue, other than it is a super sexy dude car.

Oh my you're asking yourself...what is the perk of 2.5 hours of your child being sedated? It's being able to finally crack open Breaking Dawn. Okay, so I've had it for a few days, but I was in the middle of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Had to hurry and finish that one first. I'm a pretty slow reader, I'll admit it....but I did knock out about a quarter of the book, and I'm beyond intrigued and captivated and curious as to what is going to happen. And hee...hee....Edward and Bella....giggle...giggle...hee hee...uh yeah.....they did it. Didn't think that would happen....did ya!

So if I'm not around for a couple of days, it's because I'm fighting my oldest over my neighbors book that we are borrowing. I should just buy it. I mean, really....we have the other three. Oh wait...I had to finance a BMW today for someone else. I guess it's a good thing the book is a loaner! Oh and thanks MistyLynn for letting me swipe the image off your blog. Made it easy for me! Oh and if you want to check out some less than desirable facial hair....check out her blog. Leave a comment for her hubby that he has to loose the pet on his chin!


Anonymous said...

I still have no interest in those books really...I don't know why! I have read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants however, which I really adore.

Funny about Aaron.

Dan said...

Nothing is more fun than talking to children that are on drugs. I would not advocate doing it just for the entertainment, but hey if you have to do it anyway you might as well enjoy it.

Mistylynn said...

I finished BD this past weekend. My copy from Amazon was missing 33 pages!!!! Can you believe that?!?! I so lucked out that I ordered my mom a copy as well and hers didn't have any missing pages. Not my favorite of the series but still enjoyed it. I feel for you and your dental woes. My MIL has eight children and all of them had to have braces! I know that my oldest is totally headed that direction...his mission savings account will probably be his orthadontia account in a few years. Hee hee.

Becki said...

I finished BD a few days ago too, I'm curious what you think. I had mixed feelings about this one.

I do however LOVE sisterhood of the traveling pants. I'm planning a girls night out to see the movie. Wanna come? ;)