Friday, August 22, 2008

All tuckered out.

I knew that Aaron was bound to fall asleep at some point today. I just figured that it would be at a more inconvenient time, like on the way to pick up Maddison from school or running an errand later today. Aaron decided that his day needed to start at 4:00 this morning. He was awfully chipper at that time of day, grilling me as to when it was going to be Halloween. The kid has totally has Halloween on the brain lately. I think it's some sort of a love/hate thing. Loves the scary stuff but hates it, yet he can't seem to pull himself away.

Anyhow I popped onto my computer for a little "me" time while Aaron was finishing his lunch. I was in here just giggling my head off from reading this blog link that my cute prego friend Misty had posted on her blog. If you need a giggle here's the link. Make sure you read the comments too, because they are pretty darn funny!


I thought things were a little quiet as I was sitting here giggling away and wondered if in fact Aaron had fallen asleep. Sure enough...chips mid-chew...the kid just couldn't last another minute! JM is even asleep....hmmmm...I think I'm gonna scrap! I figure I deserve a little "me" time, I mean after all...I truly scrubed the inside and out of the van this morning AND organized enough junk in the garage that I can officially park in there again. :0) Yeah. I've worked enough today.


Mistylynn said...

One busy Mama. I'm glad you thought it was funny...I almost didn't post because of the crude nature of the cake but the story was too funny "and then I thought to my self, hey this is Costco, I should be able to buy a non pornographic cake!" Loved it.
This picture is priceless. You must scrap it.
I call you wonder woman for cleaning your van AND getting the garage cleaned. Cleaning my van is an all day affair.

Anonymous said...

That is just funny. My kids have never done that. And way to go for cleaning!

Vicki said...

This is one priceless picture!

Michelle said...

Cute photo. But I gotta say, I clicked on your link to the cake story and I thought I was going to DIE laughing. I truly have not laughed that hard in a very long time. And the comments were almost better than the story, so thanks for linking that. LOL