Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blech....it's finally done!

Egads. This is just one of those layouts that could easily convince me to never scrapbook again. Why do you ask? I had such a lovely vision for this layout in my head, and a somewhat lovely vision sketched out on paper and so I set forth last night to create my "water" page to enter into the State Fair. (I know, I'm sort of obsessed with this right now!). So I stayed up late last night working on a page and was just putting the finishing touches on the layout when I decided to clean a stamp that was sitting on my desk. Now why on earth would I clean a stamp. Anyone that knows me, knows that is not my forte. But why on earth would I clean a stamp not to mention WHILE I was working on another project and so late at night?!?!? I'm determined I am adult ADD, cause I get so easily distracted!

So anyway, I start scrubbing away at my stamp, not noticing the entire time that it's splattering brown poo marks all over my layout. **sigh** All I could do was tear it all apart and start over.

The plus side is, I really do like how it turned out better than it was last night. I've got ideas for a couple of more pages, but we'll see if they happen or not!

Have a splendid day!


Mistylynn said...

You know what's not fair? Come on, I know you can guess, no, well... here goes. It's not fair that you actually have good categories at your state fair and that the scrapbooking category is not hosted by none other than Creative Memories...talk about egads! Why do you think this upsets me so, well, let me fill ya in.
1. You are NOT allowed to use ANY embellies on your lo that might detract from it being archivally safe (it could fall off and ruin a picture you know).
2. You wouldn't dare try cool, crazy, new techniques on a lo, that's just NOT the CM way.
3. Pretty much as crazy as the design substance gets is making your own die cut shapes, or putting red dots on the background paper for a chicken pox lo.
4. There's only three categories...celebration of an event, everyday, and heritage.
So there you have it. I have entered many a lo in the State Fair and YES, unbelievably I have won quite a few ribbons and even my crowning glory...the purple best of show, but I'm tired of only submitting pages because they meet the CM criterian and not submitting MY favorite layouts. I'm done being a conformist. I love the layouts you're submitting. GOOD LUCK!!!
I will, however, be entering things in the rubber stamping category: they love my crazy, artistic nature...they've never told me I couldn't do something on my own creations.
I think I'll copy this to a post on my blog...I'm raging against the machine. Some year a local sb store might sponsor the category, a girl can dream can't she.

CKMommy said...

Good luck at the fair! Let me know how you do! I think all your layouts are perfection! LOVE LOVE LOVE all your work!

HUGS! :)

Becky T said...

Ooooh, Kristy. You are amazing. I love all these pages you are whipping out. And how awesome that Utah does such a great competition at the state fair. Good luck, I can't wait to hear about all the ribbons (and big money, lol!) that you'll be bringing home! :)

Jen Gallacher said...

Well, it looks like it turned out AWESOME!! Sorry about the yucky ink stuff. I too develop "inability to concentrate" when I'm working on a layout that just won't go my way. So I TOTALLY relate. (And we SO need to pick a date for Archiver's.)

Sheryl said...

Well, I suppose it's a case of "all's well that ends well" Kristy. The finished product is awesome. The craft tent (or however they do it there) is going to be heaving with the people trying to get a glimpse of your work!

Alison said...

I know how frustrated you were doing this layout, Kristy. It turned out so good that it's not even funny! I love it and all the others too. You are amazing and have and amazing talent. I wish I had a whiff of the talent that you have. I KNOW that you are going to rock that State Fair - just like last year. Love that you are scrap happy again, and it's all just for you - what could be better!!

Jana said...

I really like it. But then again when do I not like something you do!

And Mistylynn holy balls! What a joke!

Karyn said...

Wow, Kristy this is so cute! I am sad about your stamp cleaning troubles, but happy that I'm not the only person who does stuff like that. :) I'm reorganizing my scrapbook room a la Kristy Lee so you'll have to come over soon and check it out.