Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oww!, wOw!, kaPOW!, HOW and What the?

Wow....I feel like I've been scoured off the face of the earth. At least the face of the internet! Hee hee. What a whirlwind the past 3 days have been. It feels good to actually be sitting here....relaxing. Well if you can call it that. I mean, being bombarded with questions from 3 different children at the same time, trying to keep JM from dumping every last item out of my drawers in here, while trying to think of what I'm trying to say doesn't exactly fit into the "day spa" relaxation type category, but at least I am not in the car. And for that I am grateful.


So the other night I had my first round of laser hair removal. Yeah. So all of those people that say "it really isn't that bad", well, they're smokin' something. All right, all right....I guess I should clarify. MOST of the time it wasn't that bad, but let's just say zapping that ol' bikin line wasn't peaches & cream! And actually there is a tendon in the arm pits that is very close to the surface that hurt like a mutha! Oh and it was an interesting sensation when they were doing my chin, having the lazer "zing" my teeth. I figure it's sort of like labor and child birth. Totally worth it in the end. Maybe that's why everyone that I've ever talked to about it has always made it sound like a cake walk....cause you just sort of put a mental block on the bad parts and focus on the final result! Anyhow, I've got 6 weeks to re-group, wipe out the memories of the pain and start again! Yipee! (Really, it will be so worth it to never shave my pits or my upper legs ever again! - Or at least the coarse hairs. Unfortunately I'm stuck with everything blonde!)


What a treat it was yesterday to get a sweet little surprise in the mail from my friend Misty in NM. I'm utterly stunned at how gorgeous the card she sent me is. I had seen it on her blog, but words can't even express how beautiful it is in person. My oldest is truly smitten with it as well. However, even better than the card is the great friend that I have! There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't make me smile by something that she posts on her blog. And check out this darling little number. I think this is just the greatest! What a stinkin' cool idea to alter a post it note pad. TOO CUTE! Thank you sweet Misty! My card is now happily living on my "happy shelf" in my scrapbook room, and my note pad is going with me wherever I go!


So yeah, I just got back from entering my layouts into the Utah State Fair. Sheesh, I really hate the entry process. I tried to make things as smooth as possible, but it still took over an hour and a half to get the paperwork completed. (Good thing I had the foresight to do most of it at home!) I guess I should have expected it to be an afternoon event, as I entered (insert embarrased smiley face here) ummmmm....yeah....19 different pieces. Even my Maddi girl entered 2 fabulous layouts! I'm so proud of her! So it was the gasp and hence the "kaPOW" of my day when I had to pay $59 in entry fees. Here's hoping that we will re-cap our costs in winnings. Would be nice to take home a lil' extra too! We'll see how it goes.


How beautiful is this girl going to be when she gets done with her beautification project? I can't believe that miss Maddison actually has her braces on. It just makes me so happy for her that she now knows she's on the road to a perfect smile! I honestly never thought this day would come either for hesitation on her part or for being unable to afford them. However, she handled it like a star, and we have been so blessed with the RNG35 business that braces were a go!

Last but not least....What the?

What in the heck is this thing? I took Aaron to get his hair cut yesterday and because he was such a good boy the gal gave him a sucker and this dog. When he took it out of the plastic package he started screaming because the dog was "broken". I have to admit, maybe I would be a little freaked out as a kid by a dog whose body had been severed in to and was bound together by an elastic. We giggled and spent the afternoon trying to figure out what in the heck it is. A bookmark? A hair tie? A bracelet? A sling shot? Who knows. All I know is he's kind of attached to the thing and has been toting it around all day long.

So there you have it. That's all I've been doing over the past few days. Oh but wait. I also popped into my friendly neighborhood WRMK warehouse today and SQUEAL....I got me two of the new paper lines. The Nonsense and the Halloween! Just in time to go and scrapbook at Archivers this weekend!


Chris said...

OOh, those 2 new lines are soooo yummy!! GOod luck at the state fair!

Becki said...

Oh so jealous about that paper. It looks soo yummy :)

Mistylynn said...

That paper is no nonsense! I love it! Yeah, there are no entry fees at our state just win cashola. Maybe that's why they only have three categories. HAH!
Glad you got my little package. Just a li'l somethin' to say thanks. You were so generous. So hard to go through my stuff and try to find something you wouldn't have. Sheesh.
Take care of your hairless spots. I keep thinking I'll go get the one hair on my chin done because I forget about it and one day I notice I have a 1/2 inch hair on my chinny chin chin. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but still. My mom has two on hers so I feel lucky for the one and maybe Tessa will totally luck out and have NONE! Hugs, I'll be back Sat night from camping, here's hoping no wilderness births.

Kristen said...

Maddie looks great! and I am excited to see how the fair winnings turn out.

Anonymous said...

Yowzer on the hair removal. I still think the bikini line would be the route I'd go. I have the blonde hair thing though so not sure how laser hair removal would work for me! It'll be worth it and you know it. You and your hubby will be happy with your smooth results!

I love that card Misty sent. Absolutley gorgeous. How do I get friends like that?

Yeah State Fair. I'm so proud Maddie entered. I thought about telling her too but I was worried she'd think I was nutty! I am sorta nervous about the whole entering thing. One-my stuff is no where near in caliber to yours or half the others, thank heavens I'm not professional at a time like this! I'm only entering 11 things but still worried about the entry process with the old lady volunteers who take all day to write your name and just can't figure out how to spell it no matter how many times they have to right it! Oh well my goal is to win one ribbon! Any ribbon!

Yeah for braces. It's again one of those things that will be worth it in the end. There will be times she hates it but thankfully braces just aren't the geek factor they used to be. She'll be a knockout, but then again how can she help it? Look at her mother!

And finally I'm a little pissed off at you right now that you get to use that WE R line on Sat. So not fair!!!!! I want new stuff so bad that I could just cry!

Sheryl said...

Hi Kristy! How to comment on so much? Love the card. Good for Maddi - she will be glad of the great teeth when she is all grown up. Good luck with all those entries - hope it's not embarrassing when you win everything. Glad (I think) the laser hair removal is going well. No idea what that dog thing is - weird. I am very jealous of all the lovely new stash.

And Kristy, if you check out my blog, there's a little something for you!

G.Ma said...

Hair removal ouch! All you had to do is wait till you are as old as me then you only have to shave about 1 every 3 months. I would like to get rid of my unsightly chin and face hair-well maybe I will quit plucking them out and just grow a mustache and beard and join the circus.

Maddie I am proud of you for getting braces--you will love your smile once your finished. And I am proud of you that you entered your pages in the fair. That's cool.

Kristy I hope you and Maddie both get ribbons. Keep up the good work.

I loved your story about Aaron and the disjointed dog--it is kind of creepy!

Keep smiling!1

Becky T said...

Oh, this post just cracks me up. You are hilarious. And holy shmoley, that new paper is smokin'! Love it (esp, the Halloween line!)!

Bonnie Bosh said...

Without crossing over to the "TMI" category I will just give a big AMEN to the laser hair removal!!! Keep it up and USE ICE!!!!


Bonnie Bosh said...

Oh yeah, and without seeming like that little dog is something not at all's supposed to be a bookmark...get it, the head goes at the top and the tail at the bottom. And yet, as I sit here writing it doesn't seem to have any more justification for being "a broken dog"!