Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Truly Terrific Teen!

I hafta admit...I love my teen! It kinda freaks me out that I have a teenager, cause well, that makes me somewhat old. Granted I've got the whole typical Mormon get married young and start a family pretty quick syndrome to back me up. (36 isn't really that old....is it? And WHAT WAS MY MOTHER THINKING letting me get married at TWENTY! LOL!)

Anyhow I love my Maddi girl. I swear from the breath of life that girl has been overly dramatic...UNTIL...she became a teen. I dreaded her hitting that ripe age of 13, cause I was scared. BOY was I scared. But oddly enough, things really started to smooth out at that point.

She's such a good girl. I'm so lucky that Heavenly Father saw fit to send her to us. (Even though I'm sure I questioned why I was being tortured at some points).

So here you have it...My "T" page for my A-Z album. Much against her wishes. She does NOT like being called a teen!


Dan said...

What a beautiful young lady.
and no, 36 is not old. give it another 20.

Chris said...

SHe is so beautiful Kristy! YOu have given me hope, my oldest is a drama queen right now! We have a few more years until we hit the teenage years, but I am totally Terrified!

Sheryl said...

Gorgeous LO Kristy. Lucky you, having such a sweet and beautiful daughter.

Suzanne said...

she is beautiful Kristy...she looks just like you by the way. I am sooo loving these layouts lately girl! Absolute beautiful work...you should definitely display this album...you have done stellar work!

Anonymous said...

I love the LO ever so much. Those colors are just perfect for her. I love it. I love her. She's so gorgeous.

G.Ma said...

What would any of us do without our Maddie. She is a joy in mine and Dan's life. I love your page
you always to a super job!