Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The New Car

No not our new car. Tracey wishes. The new car that we just bought the dentist. That's right folks! After a week of non-stop pain for Tracey (and non-stop grumpiness to deal with on our end), I finally convinced Tracey that he needed to go back to the dentist to find out why his mouth was hurting so badly from the new crown that he got last week. Well.....surprise.....nothing was wrong with the crown he got last week. Come to find out the tooth next to it now needs a root canal. Seriously...Does it end?

I think maybe I chose the wrong profession of being a stay at home mommy....I mean, if I could have someone buy me one of these cars then life would be peachy! :0)


Michelle said...

That's nice. Wish I had a job where people bought me fancy cars.

Mistylynn said...

Oh, I so feel for you. I could've killed my dh when he came home from the dentist a couple of weeks ago and informed me that he would be needing another two root canals. I told him only half jokingly that if it was a back back tooth he was getting it pulled. Ugh! Thankfully my kiddos haven't had any issues YET. For sure, Jakob will need braces. Poor guy. Thanks for the e-mail and I just want you to know that as a fellow mama I wasn't sitting around thinking, "Now, where are those goodies Kristy said she'd be sending?" I have a hard enough time figuring out what to put on the table for dinner, especially since I'd just rather eat watermelon and call it a night! Smiles. Take care sweetie and tell your kids they'd better be thankful they have you for a mom, I'd be taking them to the village witch doctor for their fillings and pullings. JUST KIDDING. Let me know if you do decide to go to dental school though. Hee hee. I always just wish I had one of those antiques from the ROAD SHOW that I could sell for a bundle.

Sheryl said...

Kristy, your family sure seem to have had a lot of dental dramas lately - hope things settle down a bit soon. Nice car, though, and lucky dentist.

Jana said...

Yeah I keep telling Quinton that he really really wants to be a dentist when he grows up! They do make the bucks! Sorry about all of your extra money going into that dude's pocket.