Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Uh...maybe I have a bucket addiction...

Yeah. I couldn't help myself. I made more buckets. I've had SO much fun using up some of my ancient Christmas stash, altering these pails.

Over the weekend we stopped at Lowes so I grabbed a couple of more paint cans. Not as cute as the clear ones from Roberts, but I couldn't quite convince hubby that he wanted to go there.

We delivered the buckets last night. The kids always have such a riot choosing who they go to, all though I was stubborn and picked on of my favorite neighbors this time. I'm sure it will be no surprise to her from where it came....especially since she reads this blog, but hey.....sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl has gotta do.

The other bucket we were totally busted on. Just as the kids were placing it on the porch they happened to open the door.

Kinda funny.

I know I'm sick in the head, but I think I might do up a couple more buckets, although I'm running out of cute Christmas embellies. I just think with 6 of them traveling around the ward that there will be a greater number of homes that get treats. (Like any of us NEED treats....Hee hee).

I'm also sitting here feeling quite proud of myself. I...yes...I downloaded music from Amazon, AND figured out getting it put onto my ipod with only 3 calls to my hubby for help! I think I am FINALLY getting the hang of it.

I haven't bought new music forever but just treated myself with the Christmas albums by Barlow Girl, and Mercy Me. I also picked up the most recent album by The Verve and a handful of free Christmas songs by Bare Naked Ladies, Leigh Nash, Rosie Thomas, Jars of Clay, Michael Bubble....I think that's it.

I'm happy.

My ipod is happy.

My hubby is happy that I finally get it.


Kristen said...

I am glad that I know it was you...so I can get your recipe for the yummy apple dip that tasted like marshmellow cream/cream cheese yumminess....

some kind of wonderful said...

your buckets are a true work of art girl! i keep saving the pictures because all though i keep telling myself i am gonna make one and float it around here i know realistically its not gonna happen this year. lol! thanks for the inspiration!

Dan said...

Congrats on your iPod success. And I really like your buckets, they are very festive and will make anyone happy that gets one.
Love you all.

Sheryl said...

More beautiful buckets Kristy! I love the idea of spreading a little Christmas cheer that way.

Michelle said...

Too bad you're not one of my neighbors! Such a fun idea! I'm sure the neighbors are loving it. Happy Birthday to Maddy! Looks like you had a great day celebrating with her!

Kiersten said...

Your creativity strikes again! What a great way to use all of your leftover Christmas scrapbook stuff.

Jana said...

Well I know I need to make more of these since you stole my idea! Just trying to get me some credit! :) They are so so cute. I still have all those scrapworks embellishements, I'm sure I won't use them all so I'll bring em Sat. I will be going to Robert's first to get more buckets. I hope my first one is getting passed around.

Good job on your music success. I was just playing on there today. Trying to get music onto Never Been Kissed Scrappers, so I just dowloaded the holiday sampler.

Oh and did I ever tell you I love Mercy Me!? I just do. I will have to check out the album and I so need the new Jason Mraz still

Ali said...

I sure wish I was one of your neighbours at any time of the year but especially when those buckets are going around, lol. I am sitting here in 'THE PYJAMAS' all snuggly with a hot water bottle at my feet just thinking how cool the whole bucket thing is. Another thing SERIOUSLY, now you know how to do the downloading of tunes thingie, you HAVE TO download a song by a band called The Script, it's called I'm Yours. I want you to do it and I want you to tell me what you think of it, I think it's TOTALLY you and Tracey and David and I. Girls really do get all mushy, don't they!

Mer said...

I'm just letting you know that I need treats.

In fancy little buckets with adorable pom pom trim.

Need treats. I do.

Just sayin'.

Becky T said...

Oh my heavens, Kristy! You are AMAZING, and I mean that with every single fiber of my being...lol! I don't know how you do it! And I think I'd have a bucket addiction too if I were as creative as you and if I had a Christmas scrappy stash as big as yours..ha ha! Although if I tried, I probably could put a considerable amount of them together with the amount of Christmas scrappy stuff I have too. These are fabulous, my dear!!