Saturday, December 27, 2008

Photoshop-ing again!

Oh I feel just about complete with my new computer. Photoshop is up and running again. I still need to load on my favorite actions, but at least I can resize a photo with a program that I am familliar with. Now I just need to re-load Illustrator, find a copy of Word and Publisher and I will be back in business again!

Anyhow, I took these two photos this morning looking out of one of our windows. I loved how the sun was reflecting off of all of the houses and the steam coming out of their roof tops. (And would you believe I didn't even pick up my camera on Christmas Eve, Christmas or Boxing Day! I was boycotting!)

Well, I'm off to go and see Valkyrie. It looks so good!


Jennifer said...

Awesome shots!! I'm so excited for you. New computer, new camera, photoshop back on the attack!! Man this was your lucky Christmas!! So fun. You must have been ONE good girl this last year to get all those fun toys!

Jana said...

WOW! I so need a new camera and learn photoshop better...but I probably never will. I think I'll give up photoing anything!

Sheryl said...

Love the pictures, Kristy. How great that you got the PC - beats a pair of socks, no?