Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just Because I Can

I guess I'm just so happy to be able to work on photos on my computer again, that I couldn't help snapping off a few photos of the boys just now. I loaded up my actions, determined to play with some different ones and while I did manage to use one that I don't usually use, I got sucked into my two favorites.

I can't believe how absolutely different these two boys are. They don't look a thing alike, Aaron is a drama queen, JM is far more active than any of our other children put together. (Notice he's on the counter....again! I can't keep that boy off of there!) Yet these two boys fill my life with such happiness. As crazy as both of them make me in different ways, my life would not be complete without either one of them. Love, love, love my A-Ronny, and my Funny Honey.

Last night Tracey and I went to see Valkyrie. I really liked it, with the exception of the guy sitting next to me. Of course it didn't start off that way. There was the obligatory seat in between me and his date and then someone asked if he wouldn't mind moving down seats. Now Mr. 50+ Chilvary opted not to let his "classy lady" in her Walmart boots move over so he hopped over her and sat next to me. (Don't get me wrong! I love WalMart. I really do. I just had to chuckle cause the guy said to her "those boots are really cute. They make you look like a classy lady." I only happen to know they were Walmart boots, because I thought they were cute too, and tried to convince Maddison to get them on our still ongoing quest for boots for her). Anyhow, usually a stranger sitting next to me wouldn't bother me in the least, except he had a cold and kept "snogging" his boogs during the first half of the movie. I was so irritated that I had a hard time following the story line.

After the snogging had ceased, I was treated to some full fledged snoring that even Tracey could hear during the loud parts on the opposite side of me.

So yeah, e-harmony - or whatever dating arranger those two love birds found, I wonder if it's a perfect "match" or not.

Anyhow, the movie....I really did like it, snogging and snoring aside. I really don't care for Tom Cruise whatsoever, but he did an amazing job. I don't know that it's one that I'd ever watch again, but if you're into true life war stories, then I'd definitely recommend it!


Sheryl said...

Sounds like an interesting cinema experience! I think that film is one on our list for next year - I'm not a Tom Cruise fan either but did like The Last Samuri so thought I might like Valkyrie too.

Your boys are so cute - are they at the stage when they regularly try to kill each other yet?

Suzanne said...

ewww...i don't miss the grossness of movie theaters. I must say that my hubby has been guilty of the snoring thing, but a swift kick to the shin always remedied that! Hope you're having a wonderful Holiday season filled with many blessings girl! hugs!

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

You crack me up! Maybe that's why I love you! Wishing you and your beautiful family more hugs, blessings, and love in 2009!

Anonymous said...

And that is why I never go to movies out anymore. Or I wait til the big crowds have all seen it. Cute pics of the boys. They are sooooo different.

G.Ma said...

Well you are right they look totally different from each other. But so does Sarah and Maddie. It is all in the gene's.Lee or Dahl.
Sorry you had to sit but an annoying person at the movies. I had to sit by one when we went to see "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"--many moons ago. The guy kept talking to the person he came with and he stunk so bad it was making me sick to my stomach. No wonder I did not really like that show until I saw it the second time.