Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Santa & **GASP** I scrapped Christmas!

I know, I know....before you pass out from shock, take a deep breath! I do believe this is the first anything Christmas related that I have scrapped since a layout that I did of Aaron when he was a teeny tiny baby. I just don't love scrapping Christmas, although the new WRMK Christmas stuff sure made me want to play. Thanks Tavnir for doing a knock out job on the holiday lines!

Anyhow I also had to put in my plea once again to Santa. I know I've told Tracey numerous times that all I really want for Christmas is some new Balga Hidden Comfort running socks. I know it sounds silly and I know that Tracey keeps telling me it is a boring and far to practical Christmas gift, so I'm throwing my plea out to Santa.

Dear Santa...please, please, please, please, please.....all I want is some Balgas! $10 and I will be a happy girl. Well, make it $20, cause I'd really, really love 2 pair!

Thanks Santa. You're the best!

(Yes, I DO know Santa! He comes to visit us every 2nd Sunday in December at my mom and dads house!)


Cari said...

heehee!! Too funny! Love that picture!
I can't believe how long your hair is! WOW! It's beautiful!
ANd I love your Christmas pages!! They're fabulous!!!

Sheryl said...

Great Christmas layouts, Kristy. You really made those papers work. Love the Santa pic too!

Jana said...

I love how your pages turned out. I'm so proud of you for getting them finished, two weeks after you started them! ;)

That pic of you guys is so just are looking so happy and so darn good. I love the look on your face. I can tell exactly that hottie hubby of yours is who has your attention and not the santa! ;)

I could've had Bryan buy you those socks, but he got you something else.