Thursday, December 4, 2008

I never met a tomato I didn't like

At least that is John Matthews theory. I cannot believe how much that kid likes tomatoes. He usually eats a whole tomato every morning for his mid-morning snack. When we go out to eat, we always order him a side of tomatoes and you wouldn't believe the bizarre looks that one gets. If you put a pile of fruit loops and tomatoes on his tray, he will undoubtedly go for the tomatoes over the cereal.

I kind of found it funny the other day, when it occurred to me that I had a massive craving for cherry tomatoes when I was barely pregnant with him. I even did a layout about it, or I am sure that I would have forgotten. Makes me wonder if somehow that love of tomatoes passed through the ol' cord. Guess I can't really determine if he's in love with corn nuts at this point. My only other craving that I had with him.

Well, I guess if nothing else, he's going too have a healthy heart....downing the tomatoes like he does. I need to make a Costco run so I can replenish! We are nearly out!

(Oh yeah..and color me lazy for taking a photo of him eating tomatoes on my phone and emailing it to myself. I couldn't be bothered with actually dragging out my camera!)

Oh and another thing! If any of my lovely neighbors would like to go to a Scentsy party with me tonight you are more than welcome! My SIL is having a party and so far the only people coming are me and her sister and her mom!


Jennifer said...

Why are kids so odd?? I think that is awesome that he loves tomatoes so much! My mom craved rootbeer floats when she was pregnant with me and to this day that is my favorite desert

Ali said...

LOL, that bubba is getting BIG! I love the way it's documented and then he follows through with a love of them. Does make you wonder though. When I was preggers I had a craving for something called a 'chomp' bar, just a thin caramel car coated in chocolate. Every time David went out I would plague him to bring me home some. One night he went out and the guy in the local shop was restocking them, there was about 10 gone out of the box when David asked could he buy the whole box of them. ROFLOL, he brought them home and I never had a single one. Everybody who came into our house left with a handful of them though ;-). Must send you some, then you will know what I am talking about. I dip them in hot coffee but you could dip them in hot cocoa. YUMMY!!!

Cameron said...

That is so cool! When I was pregnant, I wanted spicy stuff. Taco bell hotsauce on everything!

candygirltwo said...

That's hilarious, Kristy, when I was pregnant with my oldest, I drank about 3 gals. of milk a week and now Tami just loves milk. That is weird huh

Anonymous said...

You just never know! :) He's a funny kid. Thanks for coming tonight!