Monday, December 15, 2008

A Highly Caloric Day

Wow. I think if I ever bake again it will be way too soon.

Today I was somewhat pinned to the home as we were waiting for a UPS shipment for the business that had to be signed for. Since I had no idea when the boy in brown (although it was actually a girl today) would show up, I decided to declare today as my Christmas treat making day.

And boy what a day it was.

I began with carmel making at 9:00 this morning and worked pretty much non stop all day, until about 5:00.

All in all today I made a batch of carmel (thumbs up), a batch of english toffee (so-so), two batches of peanut butter fudge (they hit the trash), cream cheese candies (sorta eh...but they look nice on a plate), santa claus cookies (my kids' favorite cause they're cute), and a huge batch of egg nog snickerdoodles which I had never made before but kinda liked.

So yeah. Like I said, if I ever bake again, I'm afraid it will be too soon.

We wrapped up the plates and delivered them to some of the neighbors tonight for FHE. Unfortunately, they didn't go as far as I needed them to go, but I do have a ton of carmel left. Just ran out of wax paper to wrap them, so maybe everyone else will get baggies of carmel.

Aaron had so much fun helping me roll the cream cheese candies and was ever so good at "gently" pressing them with a fork. And yes. He did wash his hands. :0) Actually I made him use clorox wipes on them since I know how well a kid washes his hands. Hee hee.

Well, there you have it. Holiday baking 2008 - complete.


Sheryl said...

Busy you! It all looks great - I love those Santa cookies. And how nice that you had a little helper - and I am totally with you on the wipes!

Shellieh said...

oh how adorable those santa cookies are! Well, ya gotta do what I do. I bake about 5 dozen cookies, all one kind, then go to a christmas cookie swap!!
So I get 11 others cookies, (everyone gets 5 each) and I have 12 different kinds of christmas cookies, bars, or whatever the person made for our treats. lolol, I don't care to bake (or cook for that matter, but I am learning to like it--the cooking part) so this works out really well. And I tell the boys-- this has to last cause there will be no more unless you get it at grandmas. :D (who loves to bake, and usually makes a ton of treats)

Kiersten said...

I'll be doing the same thing in a couple of days.
The homemade caramels are my favorite!

Jennifer said...

Are u kidding me?? I thought all that was fat free! Dang! Thanks so much it was so yummy!! I should know.... I pretty much ate the ENTIRE plate!

G.Ma said...

WOW you were busy. Looked good!
Looks like the kids had fun!

Tracey said...

It looks like a candy factory! Too bad I couldn't have caught it on video with the Mark II!

Anonymous said...

No video Tracey? What huh? What's wrong with you man.

It was good. I didn't know those were egg nog cookies...I know I'm not really a "neighbor" across town but thanks for the goodies anyway. And I'm with Jen..I pretty much ate the whole plate too!

Kristen said... mouth is still watering for a piece of that green sprinkled cream cheese heavenly delight.

Michelle said...

I'm drooling over those treats! Just so you know I'm officially skipping "Weigh In Wednesday" until January. All I've been eating this month is treats with sugar & butter!

Mistylynn said...

I am so making those Santa cookies. They're sure to be a hit with everyone. Lots a love.

Michelle said...

I only made gingerbread cookies and I felt like it was all day baking. You are a brave girl.