Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's no wonder!

Okay. I have a little confession to make. I haven't gone running since the day that I made the post at how surprised I was that I was still running. In fact thanks to monthly torture last week I didn't exercise. Not one lick. But you know what? I dropped 3 pounds. What gives with that. Happens every time I quit exercising and makes me wonder why I torture myself!!!!

Anyhow, this morning I decided that if Tracey and I are going to "Beat The New Year" in our 5K run that starts at 11:30 pm, I'd better get my hiney out there and start running again.

Man, was it cold. COLD. COLD. COLD. Colder than a heartless witches nippies in a bra made out of dry ice! Even though my lungs were raging on fire, I think my fingers hurt the most. (Yes...I was wearing gloves). :0) However, the music pick of the day got me through without stopping except to stretch at my stretch out point.

I have to say, if you are a Beatles fan and haven't heard the I Am Sam soundtrack you should check it out. As much as I am wholeheartedly addicted to my Mercy Me Christmas album right now, I've kinda OD'd on Christmas music for the moment.

So yeah as I was driving the kids to school this morning I was commenting to them how cold it was out there and I looked down at the temperature gage and it was a whopping TWENTY ONE degrees.

No wonder I froze my tooshkey! Too bad I didn't freeze it off!


Anonymous said...

I have that CD...I also loved that movie...although it makes me cry just thinking about it. But really no surprise huh? I cry about everything.

Good for you for running. My work outs have been rather sporadic lately as well. Zane's been sick and I have had no energy come morning after getting up with him at least twice a night conisistenly for a week. He's fine during the day but doesn't sleep well. I just want to scream. I just figure if I can manage not to gain 10 lbs during the holidays I'll be ok! ;)

Michelle said...

I love that CD.

Ali said...

LOL, LOVE that last comment!!!! I hate the Beatles music, I know, everybody looks at me like my head is on fire but yes, can't stand it. I do however love Christmas music and can't get enough. We have a new temporary Christmas radio station, here is the link if you want to listen to it live. The D.J.'s aren't great but you can hear the cute 'ol accents ;-).

Congrats on the 3 lbs loss. My friend is the exact same as you. Everytime she doesn't watch what she eats she loses. Go figure.


Ali said...

Always helpful if I add the link, right?? DUH!!

Sheryl said...

You plan to run on New Year's Eve? Oh my goodness, rather you than me after all that Christmas festive food. And so cold, too!