Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I promise....NO MORE!

Yup. These are officially the last traveling buckets that I will be doing this year. Not that I wouldn't adore making more, cause I'm really quite fond of doing them...but when your hubby asks if you are going to make one for every family in the ward, I guess it is time to quit. :0) Oh wait! I lied. I think I will be doing one more. I always like to make something for the people at WRMK and give to them, so I'll probably make a bucket and fill it with my homemade carmel! Mmmmmmmm.

I had so much fun last Saturday scrapping the day away with Jana at Archivers. I was entirely unproductive, as always, but still loved my time creating.

In addition to these two pails, I completed most of two layouts. I just need to finish up journaling on them, then they will be done.

Otherwise not much else going on here other than regular life...although I do have to share my exciting find of the day.

For Christmas Santa is bringing Aaron the Matchbox Skull mountain. I bought it awhile back at Target for $34. Today I found it on Amazon today for $13.99! I had also bought the Rolling Redwoods for him at Target for $22. Got it today at Amazon for $15.00. So I splurged a tiny bit and got JM a bucket of Clipos for $8.00 and the kids New Cadoo for $7.00! I'll still be making out $15 ahead than I did with just the two Matchbox toys for Aaron. Gosh I love a good deal!

Downer news right now is that JM still isn't talking. I just took him to his 18 month check up and his doctor wants to have him start in the Kids On The Move program. I just hope he's a late bloomer and that he'll start talking full sentences soon, cause I tell you what...I'm tired of all the grunting, groaning, and yelling as his way of asking for things! :0)


Chris said...

Your traveling buckets are adorable!

some kind of wonderful said...

those are just darling!!! you have the cutest ideas! sorry to hear JM still isn't talking. have you ever tried sign language! i swear by it! there is a baby einstein one ( i have it and will send it to you if you want it)...but it teaches him a different way to communicate with you in the interim. {hugs}

Harwood Family said...

Those traveling pails are so darling. I wish I was your neighbor.

Ali said...

Love those buckets! Will you post your recipe for your caramel?? PRETTY PLEASE, LOL. On the subject of JM, there is a little boy the same age as Noah going to Cameron's montesorri being taught by C's old teach who doesn't have ONE word, not one. He is 2 1/2. Tracey (C's old teach) and I were talking about this child because I know his Dad a little. Meanwhile my Dad came over to sit with the kids last night for an hour and when Noah saw him coming in he went right up and said "Papa, what you doing at my house?", LOL. Outta the mouths of babes, I tell ya'!
Babies will come on when they are ready. As long as his hearing has been tested and found to be fine, he will do it in his own sweet time :-). I know it's hard not to worry though.

Jennifer said...

I was so excited when one of your famous buckets arrived on our doorstep!! I wouldn't worry about JM. Max still hardly says anything and at his 2 year his pediatrician didn't seem to think it was a big deal that his vocab consisted of - poop, mine, daddy and charlie.

Sheryl said...

I'm sure JM is taking advantage of having four siblings to talk for him. My youngest was slow to talk but now we can't keep him quiet!

I love those buckets. And think, Easter will be here next, an excuse to make some more, maybe!

Michelle said...

Hey Kristy,
LOVE your newest bucket designs! Too bad it's not time for the Scrapbook Expo-it would make for a darling class!

Jana said...

Well we can be doing Kids on the Move together! I'm just waiting for the place to call me with an in home consult on Zane.

OH and I would love some homemade carmel please! ;)

Becky T said...

You are the bucket queen! I love every single one of these babies you have cranked out. You are amazing. And I hear you on being sick of grunting, screaming, yelling to tell you what they want. I get the same from Sam and it is getting ooooold! Good luck with JM, I'll probably need some pointers.