Monday, November 3, 2008

Laying it on the line...It's OVER! Jen G! You are my winner! month of trying to be good...OVER!

You know I often wonder why I try doing these sorts of things, because I almost ALWAYS gain weight. If I just do my thing...I almost undoubtedly maintain or lose weight.

So I have to be honest...half way through the month I busted out my scale since I found out that by mid month I had gained nearly 5 pounds. I'm sure our trip didn't help, but I wasn't way thrilled about how badly my plan had backfired, so I had my constant guardian checking in with me every morning for the last half of the month.

I AM pleased to report that I am back to where I was at the beginning of the month, so I guess even though I gained 4.5 - 5 pounds in October, I lost it all, AND I've also lost 3/4" from my waist, 1/2" from my hips, 1/2" from my thighs and not sure about the arms since I didn't measure them.

The great things that I benefited from over the month are a MAJOR cutback on soda, as well as I made dinner nearly every night. Of course we went out to eat at lunch WAY too much, but hey...I'm doing better than I was for sure.

I'm also quite happy with my exercise level. I've heard it time and time and time again from many, many different sources that running is the quickest and best way to lose weight and I believe it. 20 pounds lost since May is proof! Even though I still don't love it, I guess it's my thing, cause it works. (Even though I was complaining my head off to my sweet hubby at how bad the cold air hurt my lungs at 6:00 this morning! He's so good and patient and encouraging to me. Thanks baby!)

However I'm stuck at a friggin' plateau, but that is also normal. But hey, one of these days this plateau is bound to crumble and I'll be back on my way to losing again.

So there you have it! Laying it on the line is OVER!

Oh and I put y'alls names in a bowl this morning and the winner of my 13 scrappy items or $13 bucks is Jen G!

Jen, I figure that you probably don't need/want any more scrappy goodies so maybe we can go to lunch and I'll buy. But then again...if you're totally hankering to have some MORE stuff to add to the pile you let me know sistah and I'll hook you up!

Thanks everyone!

Keep up the good work during this challenging season for exercise and eating goodies. Just think how happy you'll be to make it through without being a slave to calories!



Jen Gallacher said...

I say we meet for lunch and do an exchange of goodies. We could see what Kara's up to as well if you'd like. :)

Anonymous said...

Wtg! Really. I think the most important thing is finding what works for you and doing it. I have found when I ignore all the do this do that and do what I know works for me I'm the happiest. Although getting up at 5:30 to fast walk on the treadmill did not make me happy but I have to get back into doing it.

Michelle said...

I am proud of you! Sorry about your plateau. Hope you can break it soon.

Mer said...

WTG girlie! Now shoot some of that will power my way. ;)