Friday, October 31, 2008

Creativity at it's finest!

I guess there is one thing to be said for working in the marketing department of a huge company, and that would be that you are amongst creative geniuses!

My hubby just sent me this photo of his department at work. Every year the entire company puts everyone in charge of decorating their own departments for all of the families to come trick or treating to in the afternoon.

The kids are beyond excited. Last year they made more of a haul at Tracey's work than they did in the entire time that they spent walking around our neighborhood.

Last year Tracey's department decorated their section as "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and won, warranting a free lunch for the entire group to Tucanos! I'm sure they will clean up again this year.

Can't wait to see it in person!


G.Ma said...

How fun! It is way cute you will have to send pictures of what they did this year. We use to dress up here, but now everyone is sticks in the mud. I handed out a Halloween game to everyone and told them if they did it and brought it to me they would get a treat. I made cookies--most everyone did it, but that was as Halloweenie as we got around here. Hope you all have fun!

Jana said...

Man we should go with you to that! Geez! Cool.

some kind of wonderful said...

oh my goodness! that looks like so much fun! i love work places that do fun things like that!! how cool!

Mer said...

Wow...that is AWESOME!

Do you rent out your hubby for ward christmas parties? ;)