Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week Four "Laying it on the line" update

Wow...another no-photo post. Ick! I'm sorry. I'm going to get ranked into the boring blog world soon, aren't I?

Well, last week was good/not good.

I miserably failed on the no lunch thing. In fact, I'll be adding $4 / 4 items to the pot for last week.

However, I rocked it on the exercise. Granted, I barely fit in my 4 hour goal, but I calculated that I ran nearly 16 miles last week! As much as I think I hate it when I'm doing it, it sure makes me feel good to have accomplished something so significant.

Another thing this challenge has done for me is really made me realize how easy it is to just make dinner. I think so far this entire month, we've only gone out to eat two nights for dinner (aside from weekends) and one of those was last night.

Oh and hey....for those of you that haven't seen, I still have a lot of scrappy product that I am selling for dirt cheap. You can check out my blog GOING CHEAP to see the product that I have. I am out of a couple of the items but for the most part I can totally hook you up!

So there you have it....another $4 / 4 items to the pot.


Jana said...

Good for you on the exercise. I am still feeling so miserable with this darn cold/sinus infection I can't seem to get rid of. Just walking up the stairs about kills me. I just need to get better than I can't wait to start working out again. I mean I have a mini gym available at my fingertips!

And ya know it's kinda dorky but I set aside one day that is my meal prep day for the week. I brown hamburger, grate cheese, cut up veges etc for the meals I want to make that week and so when it comes to each individual day it's a snap to throw dinner together.

Fink said...

Great job on the exercise! And it is no good to skip a meal anyway so that is okay! I am going to check out the scrappy stuff!

Mer said...

Oh oh...it's my fault you have to donate one of those things! Still, I think salad shouldn't count even if it's from a restaurant!

Lovin' the OOTF site...it's been great fun!

Michelle said...

Way to go on the running! I guess I better log some miles this week so I can keep up with you on the 6k Thanksgiving race! Hope you still want to run it with me! I'm so excited!

Michelle said...

I have non-photo posts all the time. Maybe that explains why no one reads my blog.

Anyway, great job on the exercise and making meals at home.