Monday, October 13, 2008

A Little Scrappy Goodness and Week 2 Totals

So last Friday night I went scrapping. It was one of those days where I positively HAD to get out because my climber was making me positively insane. It was one of those days where Tracey took one look at me when he walked in the door and knew that it was a good thing that I was leaving. :0)

I dare say it was the most unproductive night of scrapbooking EVER, but it sure was a much needed break and down right fun. Thanks Tracey for always being so willing and supportive of watching the kids so that I can have a break.

I didn't do much at all. I've been wanting to make a little mini album for one of my buddies that works at WRMK whose wife just had their 4th kiddo. They are tough and always wai† to find out what they are having until the baby is born, so I couldn't exactly get a jump start on the album. I'm happy they had a girl, because I ADORE the Nonsense line from WRMK and was dying to use it.

Unfortunately I suffer greatly from ADD I do believe, so I only got the cover and a few pages for the inside done.

I then spent about an hour making these two birthday cards with some Karen Foster goodies that I've been meaning to work with for wayyyyyyyyy too long.

So here's my "Laying it on the line" week two totals.

Eat out: THREE TIMES - Ugh. But honestly that is SO much better than normal. Once with Tracey, once with Michelle and once with my dad. (Into the pot $2)
Dinner at home: Every night baby! I'm so proud of me!
Exercise: 3 hours and 20 min. Dang it. I missed out on my goal of 4 hours by 40 lousy minutes. After running 5.8 miles around Stansbury Park on Saturday afternoon, I was exhausted, and by the time I thought about going to the gym on Sat. night to lift weights, I figured that paying a buck was a good deal to be able to relax. I'm still pretty dang proud of myself. I ran almost 13 miles last week also did a Billy Blanks workout. (Into the pot $1)

Now here's the deal with this week. Because we are going on vacation, obviously we are going to have to eat out. So for this week there will have to be eating out exception during our vacation. I am going to do my absolute best to get my exercise in this week and will make dinner while we are still home.

Total pot: $4 / 4 scrappy items
Have a great day everyone!


Cari said...

What a darling album my friend!!
Sounds like you're keeping busy and I'm so glad that you're able to get those much needed breaks once in a while.
Miss you ton!!!

Michelle said...

Nice of you to go scrap without me. Cute creations though.

Mer said...

Have fun in Yellowstone...I'll bet it's beautiful this time of year!

Beth said...

Can't wait to see you pictures from you vacation! Between you & your DH, you get amazing shots! Your little album is pretty durn cute so far! Love what you used on the border.

Jennifer said...

that album is just too cute! all my attempts at scrapbooking look like a 2nd grader did it. Have fun on your vacation! Where are you guys going anyway?? I guess you'll post pix after right?? Can't wait to see ;P

Jenn said...

I still think you are doing great even with the few oops! Have a fun vacation

Jen Gallacher said...

You are so workin' the KF. :) Love it!

Sheryl said...

Sweet album! Hope you have a great vacation, and when you get back I'm sure you'll be in mojo overdrive!

Alison said...

Love the cutesy album, Missey and the cards are gorgeous too. You had better be charging the batteries BIG STYLE for that trip. I wanna see pics and LOTS OF THEM :-)

Andrea Amu said...

Such a cute gift-mini! I'm sure it'll be treasured!

Suzanne said...

love that album girl! They are tough, I thought I could wait, but caved immediately! It didn't really help when the tech blurted out, "we're gonna call this one a girl!" Love those cards girl!