Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Pursuit of a Perfect Pumpkin

Last night for FHE we decided to take the kids to this pumpkin patch that I've driven by a few times. The place is absolutely HUGE so I knew that without a doubt we'd find the perfect pumpkins to bring home.

Maddison...the ever studious student set forth estimating how many pumpkins were in the patch, rather than looking for the prized pick.

JM was just as happy as could be to be the ever wandering free spirit that he is amongst the field of orange.

Aaron, Tess and Sarah set right to work...finding the perfect pumpkin. Aaron the funny nut found a "butt pumpkin". I think I'll even go and take a photo of it. It's very unique...for sure!

Now I just want to know when on earth it started getting dark so early. I was really looking forward to getting some fun shots in the pumpkin fields, but nope.....daylight was all but gone when we got there at 6:45.

Oh well....I guess I'll just have to take them back!

After that we came home and finished up our treats to "BOO" some of our neighbors. The kids got the biggest kick out of being able to go doorbell ditching and have it be okay!

BTW - Becky and Beth...I haven't forgotten your RAKS. I just need to get my hiney to the post office. We are NOT very good friends.


Suzanne said...

but pumpkin huh? what a jokester! glad yall had a good time at Yellowstone...and yes, bad Kristy for forgetting your battery! oh well the day was saved nonetheless.

Alison said...

Oh I love those pics! We don't have pumpkin fields in Ireland :-(. Wish we did, it would be a blast. Now I also want to know, what do you do for your treats for boo-ing your neighbours? I love that idea but it would just never fly here :-( :-(. Missed you posting, my friend. Glad to see you are back!

Michelle said...

Love that photo of JM in the wheelbarrow.

some kind of wonderful said...

how fun! we never made it to a pumpkin patch...bought ours the el cheapo way...sam's club! lol! we are doing fine. each day seems a little better than the last. the hardest time for me is in the evening when the girls are asleep and the house is quiet. i'll take a raincheck for that lunch...someday i WILL make it to utah! :)