Thursday, October 23, 2008 really disappoint.

So the other night I found myself parousing the bubble bath aisle over at Smiths. I've been having a yucky spell with the depression recently and thought a lovely bubble bath would be just the right thing. Now don't worry about me. It's really nothing more than feeling utterly and completely overwhelmed with motherhood and the never ending challenges that go along with it, which in turn feeds other things. Nasty cycle it is. Maybe it's time to up my dose! HA HA! Or remember to take it anyway.

Anyhow, as I stood there viewing my options I came across the box of Calgon.

Calgon....Take Me Away!

YESSSSSSSSSSS......that's EXACTLY what I needed. My thoughts rushed back to my childhood and the Calgon commercials that made me so jealous that someone could have such a delightfully bubbly bath. I mean, I can totally remember the lady sprawled out in her mountains of bubbles being whisked off in her thoughts to some field of flowers. Yes. That was exactly what was in order for me.

So I get home, get the kids taken care of and lock myself away for my mental reprieve in a bubbly oasis.



I don't know what kind of magic the lady in the commercials possessed other than perhaps using a bottle of Dawn dishsoap. I got nothin' more than a few spit bubbles. Seriously. I even put in double the recommended amount cause I wanted to disappear in suds. I even turned on the jets to perpetuate the bubbly process and you guessed it. NOTHING.

So my advice to you is, forgoe the box of Calgon. She lies. She's not gonna take you away ANYWHERE. Stick with the Thomas bubbles.

Those babies ROCK.


Alison said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry that you feel like that. I think it must be the onset of the cold weather. I have been feeling the exact same way, even contemplated going to the doc and asking for some meds. We don't have Calgon over here and the only thing I think would work for me right now is a Boeing 747


Chris said...

Hugs Kristy! I understand the MOmmy to overwhelmed cycle! Here's wishing you a big ole bottle of Thomas Bubbles!

Mer said...

I totally remember those commercials! I'm so miffed that they're a bunch of BIG FAT LIARS.

Sorry you're feeling blue, sweetie. I wish I could cheer ya up a little.

Thanks for lunch's always nice to see you. :)

Sheryl said...

LOL! Over here Calgon is something you use to de-limescale appliances ....

some kind of wonderful said...

ROFLMAO!! thats like bon bons...i tried those once and i was like yuck! they were awful! gimme a nice brownie, or candy bar and i'm all set! and don't even get m started on the nare commercials! i almost needed a skin graft after using that stuff in high school!

i'm sure your blog has been tagged before, but i'm tagging it again! go to my blog for details!

CKMommy said...

Oh Sistah, I'm sorry you're having some "winter" blues! I wish I was there and I'd take you out for a nice lunch, some shopping, and some scrapping!

Keep your chin up and go get some Strawberry Shortcake bubbles, they're pretty sweet too! me if you need anything...even if you just want to chat!

Michelle said...

Ok dear, say it with me one more time "Not everything you see on TV is real". Sorry your bubble bath sucked.

And I think the best thing for your blues would be lunch at Apollo with your sisters.

Jenn said...

Kids bubbles are always better then the ones that say take me away. Not to mention kids ones are cheaper then the adult ones. Plus when you are down in the dumps and feeling overwhelmed with the mommy stuff what better thing to do then take a kiddie bubble bath and go back to the days of being a kid with no worries!!! Hang in there