Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank heaven for camera phones / Laying it on the line update feels good to be back home. As much as I love, love, love traveling, I've discovered that I don't love, love, love traveling with 5 kiddos, especially when the youngest thinks that spending more than 5 minutes contained in a car seat has got to be the biggest torture possible on the entire face of the planet.

Our trip to Yellowstone was actually lovely....once we were there. Well with the exception of the fact that I FORGOT MY CAMERA BATTERY. Ugh. Yeah. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to take photos of my kiddos in such a beautiful part of the world, and went to snap off a couple of shots and nuttin'. Much to my dismay, and my attempt at being prepared, I left my camera battery in the charger at home. I guess when you're trying to pack up an entire family of seven and all of their belongings with the exception of the hubby, cause he's kinda picky about what clothes he wears, you're bound to forget something. I do love my camera dearly and wouldn't trade her for the world...well, unless Jenn wanted to give me HER camera, cause we all know that Canon's rule the world, allthough my next door neighbor would care to differ. He just hasn't had his camera palate elevated to such an exquisite level as Jenn and I. ( ;0) )

Anyhow, I'm just sad that I couldn't run to the store and buy some double A's.

No worries. Maddi and Sarah took about a gazillion photos on the little (shhhhhhhhhhhh) Nikon so at least we did get the trip documented, and of course I had to be the geeky tourist snapping a few photos on her camera phone. Tracey was making fun of me, but I am happy that I now have a very cute wall paper for my phone of all of my kiddos.

I'm so grateful that G&G Lee could go with us. I really love that they are such a big part of our kids' lives. I never had those fond memories with my grandparents - or very few at least - so I very much treasure that my kids know and love all of their grandparents and that we are able on occasion to share these little one on one times with them.

The weather was perfect. We thought we would freeze and I'm sure that anyone that could take a peek into my packing of the van would be mistaken that we were on a trip to The North Pole rather than to Yellowstone Yeah. I have a box of 40 hand warmers. Anyone want one?

I think my very favorite thing we saw was the Artist Paint Pots. It was one that we had to kind of hike to, but very worth it. The kids got the biggest kick out of the mud spitting all over. I think Tracey got some video of it so I'm sure we'll see a Yellowstone montage soon.

Well lets see. I may as well give an update on my "Lay it on the line" challenge. Let's just say that I'm counting last week as a blow out. I can't remember what the term is that my SIL uses when she has a bad day doing weight watchers, but I figure that I am entitled to the same priveledge. Vacation really messed me up. But then again, that is to be expected when you don't have the routines of home.

I know I owe $2 since I ate lunch out twice last week, before our trip and I think we ate out the night before our trip. Honestly I can't remember.

I did find a great article that kind of jazzed me up to get running again. One of the head trainers on the Biggest Loser said that flat out the #1 best way to lose wight - or in her exact words - to watch it MELT off is to run. I firmly believe that as I am living proof of, since I lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks from really nothing more than running. It's just good to hear it again, from a real "source".

So there you have it! $2 more bucks to the pot and I am fired up to do great this week. I think I'm even going to make my SIL go walking with me a couple of times a week as some added bonus workouts for me!


CKMommy said...

I am so glad you had fun and you didn't freeze. We had a blast when we went up a couple of weekends ago. I'm so sad you forgot your camera. I was looking forward to some awesome photos from you. :('ll just have to come up again and we could stay at the cabin and go up together.

Yellowstone is beautiful in the spring...hint...hint....hint!!! :)

Jennifer said...

I've SOOOO done the forgetting battery thing! IT really bugs. Good thing Tracy had the video camera back up and the girls had the N-word camera. It's too bad that "neighbor" of yours hasn't seen the light yet :) Probably has something to do with us being BRILLIANT and WOMEN of course.

Sheryl said...

Sounds like you had a great time Kristy, but forgetting the camera battery? Not so good. After battery disasters with my compact camera, I bought a spare battery with this one. Hopefully this will help!

Mistylynn said...

Oooh, the pots getting yummier. Can't wait to see more photos. Sounds like you had an amazing trip...I'm so happy for you...well, other than the car seat part. Some times I wish we could go back to the days of our youth when car seats weren't such a big deal. Safety 1st though, right?

Michelle said...

That's too bad about the camera. I was looking forward to seeing your pictures. You always take such great quality ones!
Thanks for the quote on running! I love picturing the fat melting off.

Alison said...

Can't believe the camera battery story!!!Oh man :-( Still it's a good shot there and if the girls take after their folks, well then their pics should be great too! Just glad to see you all back safe and sound :-)

Scrappin Char said...

It sounds like a great trip. It sounds like you are doing pretty good on your laying it on the line. Keep up the good work!

Tracey said...

I'll get that video done so you can post it!