Friday, October 24, 2008

Boys. What planet are they from?

Oh man. This morning Aaron was making enough "boy sounds" to actually make my stomach churn.

Where do they learn these things from?

On another note, I'm so excited. I scrapped a little more on that gift album that I started for my friend at WRMK whose wife just had a baby. I'm actually almost done with it and I think it's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. It's given me the itch to scrap again so I'm thinking I need to get a date set with my sisters to go scrap soon.

I also have to say that I love a good run. I love starting my day out running. It's always a mistake when I don't start out that way, cause then I get lazy and don't end up exercising, and the mental benefits of keeping active far outweigh any other aspect of it.

Even though it's pretty friggin' cold and it fries my lungs to breathe in the cold air, somewhere about half way through my 3.5 mile course it just feels good. Feels good to be active. Feels good to be doing something for me.

However speaking of running I had to give up before I even began. Tracey and I decided to pass on our Snow Canyon 1/2 marathon next month. Not cause I'm not ready to do it (not so sure about Tracey), but we decided that since we had just had a pricey trip to Yellowstone that we'd better pass on another expensive weekend so soon. I'm planning on running a Turkey Trot with my friend Michelle H. on Thanksgiving though, so that will count for something. Will allow for an extra piece of pie anyway!

I guess I also get a more romantic Anniversary date out of this though. Tracey and I are either going to go to Park City that same weekend we had planned to do the 1/2 or haul the kids to my inlaws and have some kid free time here. We'll likely do that so that we can have a good dinner and go to a movie and maybe even do a little Christmas shopping. Plus there is a Spiderman run for Cancer on that Saturday morning, so we might do that as well. We'll see....not commiting to much at this point other than to a night without kids, and that my friends.....WILL BE GLORIOUS!


Alison said...

OMG, he is SUCH a boy. Love it!!! It's only just beginning with the fun, btw. I loved to hear your voice again, it's like I am back there and you and I are having fun :-).

some kind of wonderful said...

hey girl...just a few emotional bumps along the way. i can hold it together for so long and then it comes crashing down and i have to start over again. i am much better tonight...thanks for thinking of me:) really made my day!

Cari said...

Hey you!!! Aw, yes those boy sounds! What fun huh?

Guess what? I'm going to start running too!! I'm actually quite excited - I'm taking a running class and I'll be running with other people so that will help to motivate me more.

I'm so proud of you for sticking with this for so long.

Jana said...

Man being away for a few weeks has really messed me up! I can't even begin to comment on everything you've posted but just know I love you and keep working your butt off and keep trying to do your best. You're a great mom and a wonderful friend and a fantastic lady. You are very dear to me as is my sis and you gals really keep me going when I'm down! Love you so much.

Jennifer said...

seriously! the noises that come out of those little mouths. Too funny. Glad you caught it on tape.