Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Got Sisters?

Yeah...sometimes it really blows being the oldest boy in the house. That means, when you've grown a mammoth amount over the past year and you no longer have "boy" gloves that fit you, you have to turn to sisters hand me downs.

Never fear....if it means getting to play in the nasty white stuff that has come all to early, then so be it.


Jana said...

hee hee! At least he has some to wear. The downside to having the first grandson...Quinton has nothing for winter. NOTHING! His coat is too small and at school they said to send snow pants for snowy days...what the!? Guess it's shopping to Wal Mart later this week for us.

Cari said...

Oh that's just too cute!! And yes, my boys have seen those days too (although fighting it as much as possible).

I can't believe you've got snow!!! Man! I am SO not missing Edmonton because of that white stuff!!

Now you'll have to come visit me here in BC!!! :)

Jenn said...

Jaron was in pink gloves today that we found in his sisters room so I am with you. Use what you have! And just save for therapy