Sunday, November 16, 2008

I need YOUR help!

So you know my cute hubby that I think is ever so talented with his videography? Well he "whipped up" another Doritos commercial for a contest that they are running. This one I ABSOLUTELY love. I mean, I loved the other one that he did...but this one? It's awesome.

The scoop is that Doritos judges will pick 5 winners. At that point it becomes open voting and the winner gets a million bucks!

Right now we are just trying to push his video into the "most viewed" arena, so if you wouldn't mind taking a moment to watch his video....two or three or four (hundred) ;o) times that would be awesome!

Also if you are bored and want to spread the word to your friends that would be groovy!


The Ultimate Search Doritos Commercial


some kind of wonderful said...

all right lady...i put your dh commercial on my blog:) hope it helps! i don't really get a lot of traffic, but every bit helps, right?? good luck!

Kiersten said...

I'm so glad you emailed me with your blog address. It has been fun to look at your cute family. Both of Tracy's commercials are great! You two are super talented. It looks like you are doing well and enjoying life!
you can check us out at

Harwood Family said...

It is so good to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your blog, I love catching up with you cute cute family. I'll add Tracy's commercial to my blog too ( It is great!!
Debi Harwood

Lindsay Spencer said...

I'll be viewing it! I even left a comment.

Sheryl said...

That is one fun commercial. Fingers crossed!

Scrappin Char said...

Is it the same as the one from the previous post? The link sends me to a different video.

Alison said...

I sent the link to my friends and they are having trouble viewing it too :-(. Help me out sistah!

Kristy said...

If you are having problems viewing just be patient when trying to load the link! At least yesterday the site was incredibly heavy with traffic so things were moving really slow!

Thanks everyone!

Jennifer said...

That was awesome!! I'll totally add a link to my blog. You're splitting the million with me right??? J/K