Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Traveling Bucket - Take Two

Here is the 2nd version of the traveling neighborhood bucket that I made.

For Family Home Evening last night we made a treat and then we let the kids pick where they wanted to ship it off to.

If I wasn't housebound, I think I'd go and get a couple more buckets to make to get passing around. They are so fun and easy to make!

Well, life is dull here, so this is about as exciting as it gets for today.

I think we're going to put up the Christmas tree today.


Well ya know....it's exactly 1 month from today until Christmas!


Mistylynn said...

Hey there lady! These are wonderful. We made turkey handprints for FHE last night and had a lesson on being thankful. I love all the stuff you sent. Could you e-mail me a paypal thing and I will take care of what I owe you. Hugs,

Jennifer said...

such a cute bucket! no worries...I made Ted set up our tree before he left for work today. Funny thing is it is 2pm and still no decorations on the tree. Maybe I'll make him do that too ;) I'm really taking advantage of this "just had a baby lounging around" thing.

Jenn said...

Christmas tree already are you kidding me? Should you not at least wait until friday? Poor Thanksgiving no one really cares about it anymore now do they? Just kidding! It was great seeing you this weekend we so need to get together because I think you are awesome!

Michelle said...

I really need to go get me one of these. I am just lazy.

Anonymous said...

Very very cute. I like it. I'm thinking of adding something to mine to have them post up or something so not the same people get it eight million times. What did you do exactly?

Kiersten said...

Another fantastic bucket...but I didn't expect anything less from you :)

Andrea Amu said...

It's not too early for putting up the tree. I would but I'm just being lazy, lol!

This is such a cute paint bucket!

Mer said...

Oh WOW! Your bucket is darling! Wish I lived in your neighborhood. :)