Friday, November 21, 2008

How not to plan a wedding but how to pick your man!

I can't believe it's believe it's been 16 years ago today that Tracey and I were married.

I remember as a kid that the years seemed eternal...summer seemed never ending, and yet as an adult the years seem to be flying by in the blink of an eye.

I seriously don't know what I was thinking when planning my wedding. I mean, I flat out insisted that Tracey wore a white tux. Okay, seriously....WHAT WAS I THINKING? He says that he is still scarred to this day from the flat panel (which oddly enough he prefers flat panel now) bell bottom, white pants.

Oh and then there is the kitchen curtain bridesmaid dresses and yes people...take a close look at the mothers dresses....SAME print as Jana and Michelles, only a different color.

Oh please...where was J Lo the wedding planner when I needed her?

And then there were there were the carousel horses as table top decorations and the photographer that couldn't shoot a photo to save her life. Jen...where were you? Oh were probably still in Jr. High.

The one thing I DID do right in regards to my reception was my cake (thanks a lot crummy photographer for not getting a decent photo of it!), and ice cream crepes for the dessert tray.

Another thing I did right from my parents point of view, I'm sure, was doing my entire wedding, dress included for $1,200!

All of those silly frivolities aside, I'll tell you what I DID do right. I chose to be married forever to the love of my life.

Sure we've had rough spots over the years, and it still makes me crazy that he can't seem to wipe up the counter after making toast, but I wouldn't trade him for ANYONE in the entire universe.

Tracey is my best friend, my listening ear and such a great dad.

He loves our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to the point that I am in awe.

We've had such great testimony building experiences...especially over the past year that have brought us closer together and more focused on our goal of being an eternal family.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him or look at him and thank my Heavenly Father for the blessing that he is in my life, and for what a hard worker he is to provide for our family...allowing me to stay home...even though there are days that I'd rather eat my hair than listen to the kids begging for something one more time!

So Tracey John Lee...I want you to know how much you mean to me.

I love you baby.


Kiersten said...

Happy Anniversary! What a nice post. Thanks for the glimpse back at your wedding too. Boy I know there are things I would have done differently as well...but like you the most important part I did right. Hope you have a great day!

Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I love it.

Michelle said...

Um, you forgot to mention the puffy sleeves on your dress. Classic! Happy Anniversary.

Sheryl said...

Happy Anniversary! Well, the fashions may have dated but the love shines through.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! SO fun to see your wedding pictures. Seeing those pictures reminds me of so many weddings I went to in the 90's. Have a great day & weekend celebrating!

Brandy said...
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Elizabeth said... cute!! Looks like you had a lovely wedding!! Congrats on 16 years...I hope you have many more!! :)

Cameron said...

That is so sweet!

CKMommy said...

Happy Anniversary!

COngrats on 19 years!

Love the photos BTW :)

Jana said...

Ok no surprises here...I'm the bawl baby who is crying reading this post! I just am so glad you are our sister. I know our brother could've had chosen a better woman to marry either. In fact most women would've kicked his butt many times over. But he is such a good guy and I know he loves you deeply. I can't believe I was only a mere 13 years old when you got married. I love you so much.

OH wait maybe I'm crying over that ugly dress I had to wear!

Tracey said...

Actually, those pants look pretty cool now(not the white but the flat panel). I can't believe that right now I am only 3 years younger than my dad was in that picture...scary!!!

Thank you my are the best!!!

G.Ma said...

Wow 16 years. The time has gone fast. And I think it was a super wedding!! I even like the bell sleeves and your hair, but wow we all have changes some. I am so happy you are part of our family. I really don't know what we would do without you. Thanks for all you do for Tracey and the kids. I am so happy your our part of our family forever!!

Jana said...

OH and did I mention my dad looks much more gray now? Sorry dad!

Alison said...

Congrats Kristy and Tracey! You were mere babies when you got married, so in love. Have a wonderful day.

Sherie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mistylynn said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy! You rocked the puffy sleeves girl!
Hope I make it there.

Vicki said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the wide cuffs on the gown too!

Jennifer said...

the eternity white tux is classic! I love that sweet tribute to your honey. Happy Anniversary to you both! And p.s. I was a Freshman in College...thank. you. very. much.

rose said...

Happy anniversary and may the lord bless you with so many,many more!
Great post and decades of fashion come and go,but eternal love well!

Chris said...

Happy Anniversary Kristy!

Suzanne said...

whoa! talk about a flash to the past! Y'all look so young! Those pics are priceless...Happy Anniversary!

wendyp said...

Happy Anniversary!!!