Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh the PAIN of Max Payne

So last night we decided to go to our second movie of the weekend. On Friday night I gave Tracey the option of going to see Forever Strong, The Secret Life of Bees or Eagle Eye. He chose Eagle Eye. (Wasn't that nice of me to give him a "dude movie" option). I actually really liked Eagle Eye once I figured out how things were happening.

So last night we decided to take advantage of no kids and go see another movie. I kept trying to persuade him to go and see Forever Strong, but somehow the lucky butt chose Max Payne.

As we were sitting in the theater before it started I leaned over to him and said "I've got bad vibes about this one".

Sure enough...half way through he leaned toward me and said "I'm sorry."

So yeah...DO NOT waste your money. Don't even waste a dollar at red box when it comes out. Not even the somewhat decent looking Marky Mark could save this one for me.

However all was not lost because I have in hand our tickets to go and see Twilight on opening night for our official anniversary!

Thank heavens for that.

So...anyone want to go and see Forever Strong with me?


Kristen said...

I was taken back to see you two in the chapel...then I realiezed it is because you are on a kid vacation! Enjoy!

Mistylynn said...

Love the comment about actually being IN the chapel. Hah! I would love to go catch a flick with you! I realized that the scheduled the couples Dinner Club night for the 21st and I've already warned Travis that I would be unavailable on that evening! Can't wait. Hopefully, because Stephanie was so involved, it will be good. Take care lady.

Lindsay Spencer said...

Me me! I need a chick night out. Seriously!

Jenn said...

I will go see Forever strong with you anytime!!

Alison said...

Can I go too???? Don't care what we see, just want to see YOU!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the heads up on the movie. I'm saving up my movie tokens for Twilight. What an awesome vacation you two love birds had and how awesome are your parents!! Did your house seem odd without all the kids running around?

Mer said...

Good to know about the movie. Won't waste my money.

Girl, you know I'm up for hanging out with you any old time. Throw in a bunch of cute rugby players and it's like Christmas.

Or Lagoon. But not quite Disneyland. (*snort*)

We just saw Madagascar...and although I thought the first one was boring in the extreme, this one was actually fairly entertaining. Kids loved it.

Anonymous said...

As much as I have a huge ol crush on Marky Mark I was planning on skipping that one!

I do want to see Forever Strong though.
Can't wait to see Tracey's video...sounds interesting.