Monday, November 3, 2008

I've been photo tagged!

Jana tagged on her blog. She asked me to post a photo from May of 2006. Since I didn't take any photos on the 21st of May in 2006, I went ahead with the 4th folder, 4th photo rule, which is how the challenge was originally issued, but since I don't keep my photos that way, I went with the 4th day of photo taking in May 2006 and the 4th photo, which happens to be this one.

And boy oh boy is this ever a horrid photo. Let's just say life pre-SLR was not fabo! Hee hee.

Oddly enough this is my Tessa girl. I almost don't even recognize her. I can't believe how much she has changed in 2.5 years.

She's such a little sweetie all though I often feel so badly for her. She's a true "middle child" and I feel so badly that so often she gets lost in the shuffle of changing diapers or dealing with teenage drama. She's so sweet and draws each Tracey and I about 20 pictures a day. I love that she is still so eager to snuggle with you, and her face just absolutely lights up when she has 100% attention from you. I really, really, really, REALLY need to do better about giving her more one on one.

So thanks for the challenge Jana!

I tag all of you that want to play. I'd love to see a random photo stored on your computer!


Jana said...

That was fun! She does look SOOO different.

some kind of wonderful said...

i second that! i need to try so much harder to give each of the girls one on one time. they really do just sparkle when you do.

so i don't know how the photo tag thing works. i need to find a picture from may 2006?

Kristy said...

Kristy...the thing is you are supposed to post your 4th photo from your 4th file. But I don't have mine set up that way. So if you want to play and don't have yours set up that way how about a photo from June of 2007. Then you can pick your 4th and 4th from there!


Beth said...

Oh my! She looks so little there! She's still just darling!!

Hmmm....maybe I'll try the photo thing. depends on the photo *snort!*

Sheryl said...

Wow she has grown up such a lot since then! As for your remark on the quality of the photo, I spend a lot of time wishing I could go back to places with a better camera. What a shame you can't revisit the past, just for a moment, just for that photo!