Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who IS that girl? somebody please tell me when I got old? Okay, maybe 36 isn't really THAT old but sheezy...I'm starting to look a little age-ed. It truly seems like just yesterday that I was some silly 17 year old looking forward to my next date with Tracey. And look at us now. Wow-ee.

Well, this is the new me. Maybe dark hair makes me look older. Do you think? Maybe that wasn't such a good choice. I went and had it fixed last night and added some extreme red highlights, which you can't really see in this photo, and now I'm wondering if THAT was such a good choice. Sheesh...are women ever really and truly happy with their hair? Eh....who really cares anyway. It's not like anyone else has to go around living in my head of hair, which is probably a blessing for them. :0)

I just can't believe what 4 years has done to me. Don't I look so much more youth-ful in this photo?

I's all of those boys' fault.



Alison said...

ROFLOL, I SO know where you are coming from, blaming the boys. I say it all the time too, not just the little boys but the big one too :-). Having said that, I probably looked worse 4 years ago. I know I was 83lbs heavier :-(. I like your hair, I always go darker for the winter too. I think you are uber cool whatever colour your hair is!


Kristen said...

I think you look fabulous!!!and 40 is the new enjoy!

Mer said...

Well, I think you look cute...and not older at all. :)

I was doing my makeup today and saw all my huge pores and big wrinkles and wondered how I went from young to old so fast.

I'm telling ya, the minute I have the cash, I'm going somewhere to have those puppies scoured off or something. :D

G.Ma said...

Kristy you have been and always will be beautiful to us. And aging is not that bad--I just think of all my wrinkles and think I worked for each one of them.
I really like your hair bith the color and the cut!

Becky T said...

Well, my dear, I think you happen to look younger in the top picture, actually. Your hair looks FAB! And you look fab, you gorgeous girl! I'll be hoping to look like you when I'm 36.

Anonymous said...

I think blaming the fact that your children are in or will be in the teens years soon is also ok.
I like your hair. And miss you may look more youthful in that other photo but let me just be the point blank SIL that says: You look fatter in the old photo! You are doing good for yourself!

Michelle said...

Well, I think you are a hotty!

Cari said...

I think the dark looks fabulous on you & for winter it's great!
But, I hear ya on the looking older. I feel the exact same way ... and sure - I'm going to blame it on the boys too! ;) LOL!
I got my hair done yesterday and the hairdresser asked me if I'd lightened my hair - well you know that I've never done a thing to my hair. But I had to admit that it was all the grey hair that I've acquired over the last year that makes it seem lighter.
Not so bad, I guess!

You're looking gorgeous girl!

Andrea Amu said...

Ohhh, I think the darker color looks great! It's just change that you need to get used to. I always second-guess myself too when I change my hair. Lookin' good, girl!

Sheryl said...

I think the dark hair looks great. I turned 43 a couple of weeks ago, and do you know, still not old!

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm a jerk of a SIL I said you looked fatter. That sounds mean. I just know how hard you've been working...and I think you look supah hot!

Chris said...

You are too funny Kristy, I think you look AMAZING!