Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Neighborhood Traveling Pail

So I totally stole this idea from my Sister In Law. She made one of these when we went scrapping the other night and I loved it so much that I wanted to make one myself. I ran to Roberts yesterday and picked up the pail. I had so much fun making it in the afternoon. I actually want to make a couple more to circulate around our ward.

I know that some of my neighbors peek at this blog, so I'll have to figure out someone that doesn't look at this to send it to. Maybe we'll even send it to someone that we don't even know very well, so they can't make the connection. So to you neighbors that DO peek here, if anyone asks you don't know where it came from. Got it? :0)

I just love how it turned out so much that I had to share with all of you non-neighbors!

Thanks for the idea Jana!

ETA: Here is the poem that is on the top of the can:

This is our traveling Neighborhood Pail to say "We love you! We think you're swell!" Enjoy these goodies we have for you, then here is what you have to do....Fillit with treats and give it away, Share love with your neighbor for this special holiday!"

I then printed out a copy of a Christmas tree that has a tag attached to it that says something about hanging a copy of it in your window where everyone can see so that as many different people can have the bucket before Christmas as possible.

I don't anticipate getting it back, but that's okay! it will be fun to see how many homes in the neighborhood it hits.


Jana said...

Very cute! Of course yours is way better than mine!

Alison said...

Oh man, how I wish, wish, WISH that I lived in your neighbourhood. Dang it :-(, it is gorgeous. Now what goes in it and do you get it back when it's empty? LOL, spot the STRANGER!! LOL

Carol said...

Cool! I would love to make one of those but being as uncrafty as I am, I need instructions!

some kind of wonderful said...

ok...dumb question #244...what exactly do you do with it? is it a gift to your neighbors or something that goes from neighbor to neighbor?

which ever one it is, its very pretty! so quit showing me ideas of things to create! lol! you are distracting me!!! haha! just kidding! keep em coming!

Becky T said...

Oh my heavens, Kristy! Can I please be your neighbor? Please! I can't keep up with you and your scrappy amazingness... Your layouts and this pail are SOOOO cute! I am in awe by you as usual, my friend!

And no, I'm not using actions (most of the time), but I am editing all my pictures. Definitely not straight out of the camera, for sure. :) I have a few steps I go through. Email me if you'd like me to give you a run down of what I do. You're far too kind to me, though, my dear!

Kiersten said...

Great idea, and totally cute can!

Sheryl said...

Great idea, and I love how you did it. I suppose I'm too far away to count as a neighbour, aren't I!

Beth said...

I can't decide which one I like better, yours or Jana's but regardless, what lucky neighbors you guys will have! We live in the country & you can't even see what's in most people's windows for being so far from the road & this wouldn't necessarily work the same here, but I could still share a few buckets with mine.