Monday, September 1, 2008

Finally - the reward!

Aaron has been such a star about going pee in the potty. He's really taken to it like I figured he would when the time finally came. He filled up his reward chart in like a day and a half so he finally got his Thomas Train toy that has been sitting in the coat closet collecting dust for quite some time now.

However, our hopes and dreams were smashed when not only once, but twice yesterday we were welcomed with a dukie on the carpet. First time, not so bad. Maddison came running upstairs with a horrified look on her face telling us there was a poo that looked like a snail on the ground. And well the second time? Egads....what a nightmare. Let's just say JM had fun playing and painting. Now why on earth wouldn't that child take one whiff and think "hmmmmmmm....there's something wrong with this". Then again, we're talking about J.M. So I guess the next step is filling out a poo chart.


Mer said...

Yay Aaron! Way to go guy!

(Now be nice to your mommy and don't leave her anymore little "presents," K?)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the accident and the poo painting! Quinton has that very Thomas set

Kristen said...

Milo wanted to run over there the second he saw this he is asking for santa to bring him a train like that. Lucky for the pooping thing, good luck with that.

Mistylynn said...

Well, that's another one down...kinda. One more to go. Aaron was my absolute hardest to PT. He was so stubborn. He watched the video and immediately said, "I want to play with that!" Of course he does. HAH! Sorry you had to deal with a mess today, but at least it was a holiday...lots of helpers.
What did you steal from me you silly? Thanks for the bloggin' award too! You're so sweet.

Chris said...

Yeah for potty success! (not so Yeah for the poo incident ={!)

G.Ma said...

Horrah for Aaron! Great job buddy!
Sometimes accidents happen, but then we go on.
Kristy I remember when Tracey woke up from his nap when he was about JM's age and he was so happy and talking away, so I thought that is great I will just let him play for a few minutes. WOW did I learn my lesson because when I went to get him out of his crib, he had pulled off his diaper, had poo smeared all over the wall over over his crib and all over himself. Like father like son (ha ha) It was a drive heave clean up for me.
Hang in there with Aaron he will get it!

Alison said...

Well done Aaron. You are a member of the BIG boys club now. How cool are you to wear no diapers now. WOW. Cameron and Noah love that train set and now they want one.
(thanks for that Kristy :-) )