Saturday, September 6, 2008

I set a goal...I did it...I ran!

Wow! What another feeling of accomplishment I have today. This morning I ran the Wasatch Womens 10K at the University of Utah. When I went to registration to pick up my number they didn't have recorded if I was doing the 5K or the 10K. Oh man that was tempting to say that I was only going to do the 5K, but ya know what? I know I would have been cheating myself.

Running makes me hurt, and BOY oh boy did todays course make me hurt. My only saving grace was the fact that when I run in the mornings I can't go anywhere in our neighborhood without facing a hill. Anyhow, for those of you that know where the U of U sits....let's just say running nearly a solid mile straight up hill was not fun. BUT I DID IT! And the way they had the course set up I got to do it twice. Hee hee! That was such a treat the second 5K around, knowing what was coming up.

Even though I truly do not love running, I love the results of my running (size 10 pants growing baggier every day, which I still say for a mom of 5 isn't too bad. :0) )and even more than that I love the feeling that I get by setting a goal and accomplishing it. THAT is what truly keeps me going. The satisfaction of knowing that I've put my mind to something and I've done it and done it well. It's also been such a great bonding experience for Tracey and I....beginning a good share of our days together. I just feel badly that I feel like I hold him back, but he's such a sport he doesn't mind.

Anyhow, I set the goal of completing in 60 min. and you should have seen me running as fast as I could so that the clock didn't change to 61 min. I think I came in somewhere around 60 min. and 45 seconds, although I'm trying to find official times posted somewhere so that I can see what my actual time was, since it would be slightly less. (They had the nifty shoe chips tracking times).

After running we spent a few hours up in the canyon with the Lee side of the family celebrating Zane and G-ma's birthday. It was fun to see how excited Aaron was about "camping". Even though he wasn't so sure about it on the ride up the canyon. He was pretty certain that we were either going to fall off the side of the road OR that the "string trees" were going to fall down on him. Poor dude. He did get to experince going pee for the first time like a man. He did it pretty well too! I'm thinking we may bypass having him sit on the potty and go straight for the standing pee method. Even if I have to take him out to the ditch to go pee since he thinks peeing in the "dirt toilet" is fun. Hey, anything to renew the joy of potty training, right?

Well, here are a few of my favorite photos from the day. Sorry Jana, I'm going to have to do a re-take of the photo of you and Maddi. That sun was way too harsh.

Have a great day everyone! Now to get registered for my next 5K on October 11th! So if anyone wants to join me! Should be an easy walk/run down American Fork canyon.


Chris said...

That is awesome Kristy! Congrats!

Jana said...

Congrats on your run. I am in on the 5K. I really am. I'm getting my butt back in gear. I just can't promise I'll jog the whole thing cuz I suck, but I'm trying to re-motivate myself. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I just feel I've had so little of that lately!

I love that pic of Maddi and Dad. So cute. She's just gotten so darn cute, braces and all.

Sheryl said...

Well done Kristy! I don't know quite how you manage to fit it all in - training, managing the five kids and all your scrappy work. Glad you had a bit of a chance to relax - nice pictures!

SAR girls said...

Good job Kristy! So happy for you that you met your goal! :)


Alison said...

Well done Girl!! I couldn't run from here to the back garden! Although I could walk 10k with you no probs :-), and yes siree Bob, you look FAB!!!

Kristen said...

Yea! Good for you! I totally want to do the AF 5k, I can suffer through 3'll definately kick my butt.

~Nancy~ said...

Congrats on the run girlie!! YAY YOU!!!!

G.Ma said...

You are doing great with your running Kristy. It makes me kind of jealous that my bad back and knees won't allow me to run any more. Keep up the good work, but be careful not to damage yourself.
I loved your pictures of Sat. especially the one with Dan and Maddie. They both look totally happy and peaceful!!

Fink said...

Great job on accomplishing your goal! You look great!