Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm SO proud of her!

I'm so proud of my Maddi girl. She got 2 blue ribbons for the 2 layouts that she entered. HOORAY!!! That made it all worth it! Yup! For sure.

I did okay. Not nearly as well as in years past, but no worries. I did walk away with a few blue ribbons myself and quite a few 3rd place. I'm beginning to feel like I'm moving into the "has been" arena of my career. Not that I've ever been a "been", but ya know what I mean. Well it looks like my computer and my little camera are not cooperating, so I guess there will be no photo of my Maddi's layouts. The girls make wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many videos and my computer is about dead, so the combination of the two of them isn't good. Sorry. I know I always hate a post with no photos.

Well today I really should clean, but who knows if it will happen. I'm not feeling the best. Perfect timing to get a cold with my 10K tomorrow morning. I haven't been training nearly as much as I should have been, but it's just been hard getting into a routine since school began. But anyone can walk 6 miles if they have to....right?

I think I'll also take the boys over to Farm Land since I've got a WRMK rush job to do and I need some good farm photos.

Anyhow, take care! I'll check in tomorrow after my race. My goal is to complete within 60 min. We'll see.


Mistylynn said...

I probably won't get to go to the fair until next week sometime. Ours doesn't open until tomorrow and that's going to be one busy day with the shower and Taylor's baptism. I hope you can stay well for your run but I do have to say that ALL of us have been sick with this mild cold thingy, the kid's coughs sound horrible though. I loved all of the bargains you sent my way and the first thing I want to use is that circle stamp...I love circles!!! I think we'll be putting the bunny out of it's misery, Jakob cried the hardest but then once that wore off he couldn't stop telling EVERYONE..."Our bunny is gonna die." Boys are definitely a different breed. Congrats to Maddi and to you! I know how it feels to see your work with a ribbon on it and since I've never been published that's the only recognition I get to have. Smiles. You're no has been to me I love your style and I am not one for using all kinds of funky computer stuff on my layouts cuz that would take me time to figure out and I just want to get it done. I guess that's why I'm not a sewer...takes too long to finish something. I should've just e-mailed you because this is going on, but I just wanted to let you know that I love all your comments and I always want to respond. I used some of the WRMK product you sent my way on the ultrasound mini book. I posted it today but you can't really supersize it to see because of the way I posted it. Oh well. BTW, I showed my dh some of your dh's videos and he was really impressed...said they looked like church movies. Hee hee. I told him I want one of Jonah's blessing day like you guys did for JM's. It's so beautiful, the bathing and the getting ready. Wow. Okay I'm sure this is taking up half a page now so I'll stop. Have fun tomorrow.

Sheryl said...

Good luck with the race tomorrow Kristy, and congrats to Maddi (and you) on the success at the fair.

G.Ma said...

I think that is wonderful that Maddie way to go--2 first place ribbons for your pages. I am proud of you!
She learned from the best--her mom--you do a great job--and you are not in the has been catagory--that is only when you get no ribbons and first place with 2nd and 3rd place is darn good--wish I had enough talent to do that!
Good luck on your race I am proud of you!!

Alison said...

I keep telling you that you aren't a 'has been' you are a 'runner bean' now, lol. Congratulations to Maddie on her awards. Wow, what an accomplishment first time around! Congrats to you too Missey, you are being way too hard on yourself.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of her too! So glad she got the ribbons she so deserved.

I wish I could say I was a has been. But alas, scrappbooking will never be a "career" for me. Besides you are so amazing!

You'll do fine with the 10K tomorrow. Sorry to be a big fat A loser. Not sure I can jog the 5K even, I hate running and I hurt all the time. I've been walking again this week though. 3 weeks off was not a good plan.

Stampin' Meg said...

Congrats you you and Maddie for all your ribbons!

Chris said...

Kristy, you are soo NOT a has been! Your work continues to amaze me.

Huge Congrats to Maddie! Recieving first place for both of her entries is amazing (though, looking at the photos of the layouts, it is seriously no wonder! Awesome!) Congrats to you aswell!