Friday, September 12, 2008


Sheesh...I NEVER win things. EVER! However, my registering for the Wasatch Womens 10K, is being more than refunded to me via my winning a random drawing from Avanti skin care center. It was kind of funny cause even as I was filling out the form I thought to myself...."I'm gonna win this one!" Maybe I should try going to Vegas with the same mental mojo!

Now I was hoping for the 1st place winnings of $1,000 of laser hair removal so that I could get my lower legs done, but hey, there is some other lucky gal out there that got that. Little ol' moi got the 2nd place drawing. I get to have a session of microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, depending on what the asthetician thinks is best for my skin. I'm so excited! So say goodbye to those ever so tiny wrinkles around my eyes and say hello to some young sexay skin!

I go on Monday, so I'll let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Winning is fun. Even if it's lame and that's cool.

Chris said...

Wahoo! Winning is awesome!

Mistylynn said...

YEY!!!!! Go get those cute wrinkles removed. You're becoming one hot mama. Your hubbby's not gonna recognize you.
I CAN'T believe you're flashing neighbor children. What is Utah coming too? No baby, but I went out to dinner with friends and they pitched in and bought me a Moby wrap. So excited to see how it works with the little guy. Maybe shoveling gravel into our drive tomorrow will do the trick.
AND HEY, guess what? I never win either, but I entered to win Becky Higgins school expansion kit on her blog and yup, I was one of five lucky gals who will be receiving some happy's not a chemical peel, but I'll make do. Take care sweetie.

Sheryl said...

Wow - you get to have your face sandpapered - great! Actually, I am kind of jealous. I never win stuff like that - my greatest triumph was to win the bottle of Ouzo (nasty Greek liquor) on the bottle tombola last year at the church fete.

Kristen said...

Mental Mojo???You are so freaking hilarious! Josh also loves your blog Dukie

Mer said...

Oh...I want to hear all about it! I've been wondering what I can do about my wrinkles and big ol brown freckle under my eye...way jealous!